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English Proverbs C-D

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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. Call a spade a _______.
Answer: spade

2. A cat has _______ lives.
Answer: nine

3. A cat may look at a _______.
Answer: king

4. Catch your _______ before you sell its skin.
Answer: bear

5. Charity begins at _______.
Answer: home

6. The _______ is father of the man.
Answer: child

7. Children should be _______ and not heard.
Answer: seen

8. Christmas comes but once a _______.
Answer: year

9. _______ is next to godliness.
Answer: Cleanliness

10. Clothes do not make the _______.
Answer: man

11. Constant dripping wears away the _______.
Answer: stone

12. A constant guest is never _______.
Answer: welcome

13. Courtesy costs _______.
Answer: nothing

14. _______ die many times before their deaths.
Answer: Cowards

15. Cross the stream where it is _______.
Answer: shallowest

16. Cut your _______ according to your cloth.
Answer: coat

17. Deeds, not _______.
Answer: words

18. The devil finds _______ for idle hands to do.
Answer: work

19. The devil is not so _______ as he is painted.
Answer: black

20. Diamond cut _______.
Answer: diamond

21. Do as I _______, not as I do.
Answer: say

22. Do as most men do, then most men will _______ well of you.
Answer: speak

23. Don't change _______ in mid-stream.
Answer: horses

24. Don't count your _______ before they are hatched.
Answer: chickens

25. Don't cross a _______ till you come to it.
Answer: bridge

26. Don't _______ before you are hurt.
Answer: cry

27. Don't _______ the bough you are standing on.
Answer: cut

28. Don't empty the _______ out with the bath water.
Answer: baby

29. Do not _______ against the pricks.
Answer: kick

30. Don't make a _______ out of a molehill.
Answer: mountain

31. Don't make a _______ for your own back.
Answer: rod

32. Don't make yourself a _______, or the cat will eat you.
Answer: mouse

33. Don't pour out the dirty _______ before you have clean.
Answer: water

34. Do not put all your eggs in the same _______.
Answer: basket

35. Do not put new _______ into old bottles.
Answer: wine

36. Don't put the cart before the _______.
Answer: horse

37. Don't tell tales out of _______.
Answer: school

38. Do not wash your dirty linen in _______.
Answer: public

39. A _______ must be either shut or open.
Answer: door

40. A drowning man will clutch at a _______.
Answer: straw

41. A _______ on a giant's shoulders sees the farther of the two.
Answer: dwarf

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