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English Proverbs G-H

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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. Give a _______ a bad name and hang him.
Answer: dog

2. Give a thief enough _______ and he'll hang himself.
Answer: rope

3. Give and _______.
Answer: take

4. Give credit where _______ is due.
Answer: credit

5. Give the devil his _______.
Answer: due

6. God _______ those who help themselves.
Answer: helps

7. God made the _______, and man made the town.
Answer: country

8. The gods send _______ to those who have no teeth.
Answer: nuts

9. The _______ age was never the present age.
Answer: golden

10. A golden _______ opens every door.
Answer: key

11. Good _______ make good neighbors.
Answer: fences

12. A good _______ is sooner lost than won.
Answer: name

13. The grapes are _______.
Answer: sour

14. Great _______ from little acorns grow.
Answer: oaks

15. Half a _______ is better than no bread.
Answer: loaf

16. The hand that rocks the _______ rules the world.
Answer: cradle

17. Harp not for ever on the same _______.
Answer: string

18. _______ makes waste.
Answer: Haste

19. He gives _______ who gives quickly.
Answer: twice

20. He is _______ that has few wants.
Answer: rich

21. He laughs best who laughs _______.
Answer: last

22. He that cannot _______ cannot command.
Answer: obey

23. He that has a great nose thinks everybody is _______ of it.
Answer: speaking

24. He that is down need fear no _______.
Answer: fall

25. He travels the fastest who travels _______.
Answer: alone

26. He who begins many things, finishes but _______.
Answer: few

27. He who hesitates is _______.
Answer: lost

28. He who makes no mistakes makes _______.
Answer: nothing

29. He who pays the _______ calls the tune.
Answer: piper

30. He who rides a _______ is afraid to dismount.
Answer: tiger

31. He who says what he likes shall _______ what he does not like.
Answer: hear

32. He who would climb the ladder must begin at the _______.
Answer: bottom

33. Health is _______.
Answer: wealth

34. Heaven helps those who _______ themselves.
Answer: help

35. A heavy _______ makes a light heart.
Answer: purse

36. A _______ between keeps friendships green.
Answer: hedge

37. Help a lame _______ over a stile.
Answer: dog

38. _______ repeats itself.
Answer: History

39. _______ is the best policy.
Answer: Honesty

40. Hope for the best and prepare for the _______.
Answer: worst

41. _______ is the best sauce.
Answer: Hunger

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