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What is the missing word that completes each proverb?

1. _______ your own canoe.
Answer: Paddle

2. Patience is a _______.
Answer: virtue

3. The _______ is mightier than the sword.
Answer: pen

4. Penny wise, pound _______.
Answer: foolish

5. A _______ for everything, and everything in its place.
Answer: place

6. Pleasant hours fly _______.
Answer: fast

7. The pot called the _______ black.
Answer: kettle

8. Poverty is no _______.
Answer: sin

9. Practice makes _______.
Answer: perfect

10. Practise what you _______.
Answer: preach

11. Prevention is better than _______.
Answer: cure

12. The proof of the _______ is in the eating.
Answer: pudding

13. The purse of the patient protracts the _______.
Answer: disease

14. Put the _______ on the right horse.
Answer: saddle

15. Rats desert a sinking _______.
Answer: ship

16. Respect is greater from a _______.
Answer: distance

17. A rich man's joke is always _______.
Answer: funny

18. A rolling _______ gathers no moss.
Answer: stone

19. _______ was not built in a day.
Answer: Rome

20. The rotten _______ injures its neighbors.
Answer: apple

21. Saying is one thing and _______ another.
Answer: doing

22. _______ is believing.
Answer: Seeing

23. Set a _______ to catch a thief.
Answer: thief

24. Silence is _______.
Answer: golden

25. _______ and steady wins the race.
Answer: Slow

26. Slow but sure wins the _______.
Answer: race

27. A soft _______ turneth away wrath.
Answer: answer

28. Some are _______ and some are otherwise.
Answer: wise

29. Some people cannot see the _______ for the trees.
Answer: wood

30. Spare the _______ and spoil the child.
Answer: rod

31. Speak the _______ and shame the devil.
Answer: truth

32. Speech is silver, _______ is golden.
Answer: silence

33. The _______ is willing, but the flesh is weak.
Answer: spirit

34. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but _______ will never hurt me.
Answer: words

35. A still _______ makes a wise head.
Answer: tongue

36. Still waters run _______.
Answer: deep

37. A stitch in _______ saves nine.
Answer: time

38. The strength of the _______ is in the weakest link.
Answer: chain

39. Strike while the _______ is hot.
Answer: iron

40. Success has many _______.
Answer: friends

41. Per _______ ad astra.
Answer: ardua

42. The pitcher goes so often to the well that it is _______ at last.
Answer: broken

43. Possession is nine points of the _______.
Answer: law

44. Pouring oil on the fire is not the way to _______ it.
Answer: quench

45. Praise makes good men _______ and bad men worse.
Answer: better

46. Praise without _______ puts little in the pot.
Answer: profit

47. Procrastination is the _______ of time.
Answer: thief

48. Promises are like pie-crust, made to be _______.
Answer: broken

49. The proper study of _______ is man.
Answer: mankind

50. A prophet is not without honor, save in his own _______, and in his own house.
Answer: country

51. Prosperity makes _______, adversity tries them.
Answer: friends

52. Providence is always on the _______ of the big batallions.
Answer: side

53. Punctuality is the politeness of _______.
Answer: kings

54. Queen _______ is dead.
Answer: Anne

55. Rain before seven, _______ before eleven.
Answer: fine

56. The _______ is as bad as the thief.
Answer: receiver

57. The _______ may be worse than the disease.
Answer: remedy

58. Revenge is _______.
Answer: sweet

59. The road to _______ is paved with good intentions.
Answer: hell

60. A _______ by any other name would smell as sweet.
Answer: rose

61. Safety lies in the _______ course.
Answer: middle

62. Second thoughts are _______.
Answer: best

63. Self-praise is no _______.
Answer: recommendation

64. Self-preservation is the first _______ of nature.
Answer: law

65. Set a _______ on horseback and he'll ride to the devil.
Answer: beggar

66. Share and _______ alike.
Answer: share

67. The shortest way round is the _______ way home.
Answer: longest

68. Silence gives _______.
Answer: consent

69. So many countries, so many _______.
Answer: customs

70. Sow the _______ and reap the whirlwind.
Answer: wind

71. Speak fair and _______ what you like.
Answer: think

72. Speak _______ of the dead.
Answer: well

73. The sting of a reproach is the _______ of it.
Answer: truth

74. Stolen pleasures are _______.
Answer: sweetest

75. A _______ will show which way the wind blows.
Answer: straw

76. Stretch your _______ according to your coverlet.
Answer: legs

77. Submitting to one wrong brings on _______.
Answer: another

78. Sufficient unto the _______ is the evil thereof.
Answer: day

79. The _______ is never the worse for shining on a dunghill.
Answer: sun

80. Sweet are the _______ of adversity.
Answer: uses

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