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Carnival and Mardi Gras Fun Activities 

Famous Carnival Countries and Cities of the World 

Gilles - Carnival of Binche, Belgium                              Samba Dance - Carnival of Brazil

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BelgiumBincheThe Carnival of Binche is most famous in Belgium, attracting visitors from all around the world. The carnival characters, Gill, peasant, clown and Harlequin wear rich and symbolic costumes. The 'Gills' or the priests of the carnival wearing wax masks are the main characters of the Carnival of Binche.
BrazilRio de JaneiroThe Carnival is the national holiday, the most popular in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Brazilian Carnival is one of the most popular celebrations today. It takes place each year between Epiphany and Lent, during the 4 days preceding Ash Wednesday. There is a grand masked ball with confetti and streamers dressed in spangles and feathers with thefrenzied dancing sambas.
CanadaQuebecThe Carnival of Quebec in Canada is the largest winter carnival in the world.  The carnival activities are is highlighted by international competitions of ice sculptures, racing dog sleds, sledge racing and demonstrations of extreme skiing, with performances of traditional dances. The Bonhomme Carnaval, the mascot and emblem of the Quebec winter carnival is the living representation of the snowman.
FranceNiceThe Carnival of Nice is the first carnival of France. It takes place in February for two weeks. The Battle of Flowers (Bataille des Fleurs) is a famous parade which takes place during the carnival. It is presented in the form of a parade of twenty floats where young men and women throw flowers to the spectators. Musical troops pour in from around the world.
FranceDunkirkThe Carnival of Dunkirk in France has musical bands which parade through the streets, led by a major drum and carnival balls where the participants gather at night to celebrate the festival.
FranceParisThe Carnival of Paris is a big celebration in France, one of the largest in the world. 'La Promenade du Boeuf Gras' is other historical name of the Carnival of Paris.
FranceLimouxThe Carnival of Limoux, the longest in France is also the longest carnival in the world. The carnival celebrations last 3 months from January to March.
FranceFrench Guiana The Carnival of French Guiana belongs to the Guyanese Creole culture. The Touloulou is the most famous character of the Carnival of French Guiana. She is the queen of the carnival.
GermanyCologneThe Carnival of Cologne in Germany is on of the main German carnivals. The participants address each other with the cry of recognition (Narrenruf in German) "Kölle Alaaf". The carnival parades are composed of decorated floats and disguised characters who laugh at what happened during the past year.
IndiaGoaThe Carnival of Goa is the only Indian carnival, a festival of color, song and music. It takes place every February. Parades and dances are held throughout the state during 4 days.
ItalieVeniceThe Carnival of Venice takes place every year in late February or early March, during the twelve days before Mardi Gras, attracting large crowds from around the world to participate in the festival. It has become a global tourist attraction famous for its glittering costumes, masquerades and Venetian masks. The traditional costume is bauta, inspired by the commedia dell'arte, including the tabarro, the larva and the hat, or the famous mask of Harlequin.
MexicoVeracruzThe Carnival of Veracruz founded in 1924, is the largest in Mexico. Its celebrations are often compared to the Carnival in Rio, Brazil or New Orleans, USA.
NetherlandsLimburgThe Carnival of Limburg in the Netherlands is modeled on the Rhine carnival in Germany. The traditions are almost the same. A Prince of the Carnival is chosen . Limburg has its own songs for the Carnival. The most famous tradition in Limburg Venlo is 'the rustic marriage (boerenbruiloft)'.
United KingdomLondonThe Carnival of Notting Hill in London takes place on the streets of Notting Hill and is the the second largest street festival of the world. It is led by the members of the Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean population and is heavily influenced by the Caribbean culture, especially its music.
Unites StatesNew OrleansThe Carnival of New Orleans, United States, also called the Mardi Gras of New Orleans in Louisiana, is one of the most famous carnival celebrations of the world held annually in Louisiana. The parades in New Orleans are organized by organisations called the Carnival Krewes. There are parades throughout the day with well-dressed characters complete with strings of pearls and decorated floats.
Unites StatesMobileThe Carnival of Mobile, Alabama is the oldest annual carnival celebration in the United States, having begun in 1703. It has traditions of secret mystic societies, which hold formal masked balls with elegant costumes.
UruguayMontevideoThe Carnival of Montevideo in Uruguay is the second longest of the world, with more than 80 days of celebration, generally occurring in January through mid March. The main attractions of the Uruguayan Carnival are two colorful parades called Desfile de Carnaval (Carnival Parade) and Desfile de Llamadas (Parade of the Calls).

Try the Quiz : Famous Carnival Countries and Cities of the World

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