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Carnival and Mardi Gras Fun Activities
Carnival Names of the World


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Guess what the carnival is known as in each country / state / city.

1. Bahamas
Answer: Junkanoo

2. Barbados
Answer: Crop Over

3. Bolivia
Answer: Diablada

4. Brazil
Answer: Carnaval

5. Czech Republic
Answer: Masopust

6. Denmark
Answer: Fastlavn

7. Dunkirk, France
Answer: Cafougnette, Coin Carnaval

8. England
Answer: Shrovetide

9. Germany
Answer: Fastelavend, Fastlaam

10. Goa, India
Answer: Intruz

11. Greece
Answer: Apókreō

12. Haiti
Answer: Kanaval

13. Hungary
Answer: Farsang

14. Iceland
Answer: Maskadagur

15. Italy
Answer: Carnevale

16. Kerala, India
Answer: Raasa

17. Limburg, Netherlands
Answer: Vasteloavend, Vastenavond

18. Limoux, Grance
Answer: Fécos

19. Mexico
Answer: Carnaval

20. New Orleans, USA
Answer: Mardi Gras

21. Nicaragua
Answer: Palo de Mayo, Mayo Ya

22. Russia
Answer: Maslenitsa

23. Slovakia
Answer: Fašiangy

24. Switzerland
Answer: Fasnacht

25. USA

Answer: Carnival

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