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Carnival occurs before Lent.
The carnival begins on the day of Epiphany.
Carnival celebrations are usually referred to as Mardi Gras.
Mardi Gras is the last great day of the Carnival.
'Mardi Gras' literally means 'Fat Tuesday'.
Shrovetide is the ancient name of the carnival.
Under the Roman Empire, there existed a big carnival called the Saturnalia Carnival.
The Carnival days are called 'fat days' .
Traditionally doughnuts  are eaten during Mardi Gras.
The word 'carnival' comes from the Latin language.
A carnival parade is often organized during a carnival.
The people on the floats toss trinkets called 'Throws' to the spectators.
The typical 'Parade Throws' during a carnival parade are plastic cups, beads and doubloons.
Purple, green and gold are the official colors of Mardi Gras.
The three colors of Mardi Gras stand for justice, faith and power.
At Mi-Karem red and black devils reappear during the mini-carnival.
In many regions of the world, it is a tradition to burn an effigy of a snowman  at the end of the carnival.
The 'Grand Brilé Vaval' symbolizes the cremation of King Carnival, marking the end of the Carnival.

Try the Quiz : Carnival Quiz

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