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Drinks & Cocktails Quiz 2

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Try the Quiz : Cooking, Food & Wine Quizzes : Drinks & Cocktails Quiz 2

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PURPLE HOOTERPurple Hooter is a blend of vodka, chambord and pineapple juice.
SANGRIASangria is a blend of red wine, Spanish brandy and orange juice.
WHISKY MACWhisky Mac is a blend of Scotch whisky and ginger wine in equal proportions.
EGG NOGEgg Nog is a combination of brandy, milk, egg and sugar syrup served with a sprinkling of grated nutmeg.
SHANDYShandy is chilled beer served topped with chilled gingerale or lemonade.
RITZ FIZZRitz Fizz is a light and fizzy drink made from blue Curaçao, Amaretto di Saronno and lemon juice served topped with chilled champagne.
SALTY DOGSalty Dog is made with gin and grapefruit juice served in a salt-rimmed old-fashioned glass.
MOSCOW MULEMoscow Mule is made with vodka and lime juice served topped with ginger beer.
PINK LADYPink Lady is a blend of gin, grenadine, lemon juice and egg white.
WHITE LADYWhite Lady is a blend of gin, cointreau, lemon juice and egg white.
RHETT BUTLERRhett Butler is a colorful blend of Bourbon whiskey, cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice and fresh lime juice.
RUSTY NAILRusty Nail is an after-dinner drink made with Scotch whisky and Drambuie.
CAIPIRINHACaipirinha is a popular Brazilian drink made from cachaça (a blend of sugarcane and rum), brown sugar and lime wedges.
BRANDY ALEXANDERBrandy Alexander is an after-dinner cocktail made from brandy, crème de cacao and double cream.
WHITE RUSSIANWhite Russian is a blend of vodka, coffee liqueur (Kahlùa or Tia Maria) and full cream milk.
BLACK RUSSIANBlack Russian is made from vodka and Kahlùa coffee liqueur.
MINT JULEPMint Julep is made with Bourbon whiskey, Angostura bitters, fresh mint sprigs and sugar.
MANHATTANOriginally made with rye whiskey, Manhattan is today made with Bourbon whiskey and sweet vermouth.
GREYHOUNDGreyhound is made with gin and grapefruit juice.
GIN FIZZGin Fizz is a sparkling drink made with gin and lemon juice served chilled topped with fizzy soda water.
HARVEY WALLBANGERHarvey Wallbanger is a blend of vodka, fresh orange juice and Galliano.
GRASSHOPPERGrasshopper is a colorful minty cocktail made with two French liqueurs, crème de menthe and crème de cacao.
KIRKir is a very popular French drink made from crème de cassis and dry white wine.

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Food & Wine Quizzes : Drinks & Cocktails Quiz 2

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