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Italian Food Quiz 1

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Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Italian Food Quiz 1

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PIZZAPizza is a layer of dough baked with a variety of toppings.
CALZONICalzoni is a layer of pizza dough folded over to enclose a filling and baked.
STROMBOLIStromboli is a rectangular layer of pizza dough spread with a filling, rolled to form an oval loaf and baked.
LASAGNALasagna is a combination of meat or vegetables, sauces and cheese sandwiched between layers of pasta and baked.
FRITTATAFrittata is an Italian-style omelette made with eggs, boiled pasta, vegetables and cheese.
BRUSCHETTABruschetta is a toasted slice of Italian bread topped with vegetables, cheese and baked.
PARMAGIANAParmagiana is a dish of vegetables, white sauce, and tomato sauce alternately layered, topped with cheese and baked.
MINESTRONEMinestrone is an Italian soup containing vegetables and pasta.
FOCACCIAFocaccia is a soft-crusted Italian bread flavored with herbs, olives, sun-dried tomatoes or garlic.
RISOTTORisotto is a dish of rice made with Arborio rice (a kind of Italian rice), vegetables, meat, cheese and wine.
CIABATTACiabatta is a hard-crusted Italian bread.
CROSTINICrostini are small thick slices of Italian bread, baked and topped with vegetables or meat and cheese.
PANZEROTTIPanzerotti are small stuffed pockets of thinly rolled pizza dough deep fried till golden and crisp.
SUPPLISuppli is a deep-fried Italian snack made with cooked rice, eggs, cheese, onion and herbs.
PIZZATINIPizzatini is a platter of mini pizzas with different toppings.

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Wine & Food Quizzes : Italian Food Quiz 1

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