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Wine Regions Quiz 1

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Try the Quiz : Cooking, Food & Wine Quizzes : Wine Regions Quiz 1

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ChablisFranceChablis is a great white wine of France made only with Chardonnay grape.
BanyulsFranceBanyuls is a fortified wine made in South of France.
White BordeauxFrance
ChampagneFranceChampagne is a sparkling wine made in Champagne, France.
PinotageSouth AfricaPinotage is a South African red wine.
Cheval BlancFranceCheval Blanc is a famous red wine from Bordeaux, France.
Cabernet SauvignonFranceCabernet Sauvignon is a red wine from Bordeaux, France.
GewürztraminerGermanyGewürztraminer is a light sweet German wine known for its spiciness and flowery aroma.
VouvrayFranceVouvray is a white wine from France.
Sauvignon BlancFranceSauvignon Blanc is a white wine mainly from Bordeaux and Loire Valley in France.The Sauvignon Blanc grape has a fresh cut grass aroma and the wine coming from Touraine (Loire valley) retains this smell because it is not stored in oak barrels due to the lack of oak.
ChiantiItalyChianti is a famous Italian red wine.
SauterneCalifornia, USASauterne is a famous white wine from California.
FrascatiItalyFrascati is a famous Italian red wine known as 'the latin Liebfraumilch from the Lzio region.
AmaroneItalyAmarone is a famous Italian red wine made from a variety of partially dried grapes.
MarsalaItalyMarsala is an Italian red wine used often for cooking.
SektGermanySekt is a famous German sparkling wine.
Asi SpumantiItalyAsti Spumanti is a famous Italian sparkling wine.
ChampenoisFranceChampenois is a famous French sparkling wine.
CavaSpainCava is a famous Spanish sparkling wine.
SherrySpainSherry is a fortified wine from Spain.

Try the Quiz : Cooking, Food & Wine Quizzes : Wine Regions Quiz 1

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