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Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany. Bruce Willis was given the name Walter Bruce Willis at birth.

Bruce Willis starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Bruce Willis

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
116 BlocksJack Mosley2006Buy the DVD
2Alpha DogSonny Truelove2006Buy the DVD
3ApocalypseTrey Kincaid1998Buy the DVD
4ArmageddonHarry S. Stamper1998Buy the DVD
5BanditsJoe Blake2001Buy the DVD
6Beavis and Butt-Head Do AmericaMuddy Grimes1996Buy the DVD
7Billy BathgateBo Weinberg1991Buy the DVD
8Blind DateWalter Davis1987Buy the DVD
9Breakfast of ChampionsDwayne Hoover1999Buy the DVD
10Bruno the Kid: The Animated MovieBruno the Kid1996Buy the DVD
11Charlie's Angels: Full ThrottleWilliam Rose Bailey2003Buy the DVD
12Color of NightDr. Bill Capa1994Buy the DVD
13Death Becomes HerDr. Ernest Menville1992Buy the DVD
14Die HardJohn McClane1988Buy the DVD
15Die Hard 2John McClane1990Buy the DVD
16Die Hard: With a VengeanceJohn McClane1995Buy the DVD
17Fast Food NationHarry2006Buy the DVD
18Four RoomsLeo (segment "The Man from Hollywood")1995Buy the DVD
19Grand ChampionCEO2002Buy the DVD
20Hart's WarCol. William A. McNamara2002Buy the DVD
21HostageJeff Talley2005Buy the DVD
22Hudson HawkEddie 'Hudson Hawk' Hawkins1991Buy the DVD
23In CountryEmmett Smith1989Buy the DVD
24Last Man StandingJohn Smith1996Buy the DVD
25Loaded Weapon 1John McClane1993Buy the DVD
26Look Who's TalkingMikey1989Buy the DVD
27Look Who's Talking TooMikey1990Buy the DVD
28Lucky Number SlevinGoodkat2006Buy the DVD
29Mercury RisingArt Jeffries1998Buy the DVD
30Mortal ThoughtsJames Urbanski1991Buy the DVD
31Nobody's FoolCarl Roebuck1994Buy the DVD
32NorthNarrator1994Buy the DVD
33Over the HedgeRJ2006Buy the DVD
34Pulp FictionButch Coolidge1994Buy the DVD
35Rugrats Go Wild!Spike2003Buy the DVD
36Sin CityHartigan2005Buy the DVD
37Striking DistanceDet. Tom Hardy1993Buy the DVD
38SunsetTom Mix1988Buy the DVD
39Tears of the SunLieutenant A.K. Waters2003Buy the DVD
40The Bonfire of the VanitiesPeter Fallow1990Buy the DVD
41The Fifth ElementKorben Dallas1997Buy the DVD
42The Fifth ElementKorben Dallas1997Buy the DVD
43The JackalThe Jackal1997Buy the DVD
44The KidRussell Duritz2000Buy the DVD
45The Last Boy ScoutJoseph Cornelius 'Joe' Hallenbeck1991Buy the DVD
46The Return of BrunoBruno Radolini1988Buy the DVD
47The SiegeMajor General William Devereaux1998Buy the DVD
48The Sixth SenseDr. Malcolm Crowe1999Buy the DVD
49The Story of UsBen Jordan1999Buy the DVD
50The Whole Nine YardsJimmy 'The Tulip' Tudeski2000Buy the DVD
51The Whole Ten YardsJimmy2004Buy the DVD
52Twelve MonkeysJames Cole1995Buy the DVD
53UnbreakableDavid Dunn2000Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Bruce Willis


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