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Christopher Reeve

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Christopher Reeve was born on September 25, 1952 in New York, New York, USA .

Christopher Reeve died of a heart attack on October 10, 2004 in Mount Kisco, New York, USA.

Christopher Reeve starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Christopher Reeve

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
19Thurston Last1996Buy the DVD
2A Step Toward TomorrowDenny Gabrial1996Buy the DVD
3Above SuspicionDempsey Cain1995Buy the DVD
4DeathtrapClifford Anderson1982Buy the DVD
5Earthday BirthdayIt Zwibble1990Buy the DVD
6Gray Lady DownPhillips1978Buy the DVD
7MonsignorFather John Flaherty1982Buy the DVD
8Noises Off...Frederick Dallas/Philip Brent1992Buy the DVD
9Somewhere in TimeRichard Collier1980Buy the DVD
10SpeechlessBob 'Bagdad' Freed1994Buy the DVD
11Street SmartJonathan Fisher1987Buy the DVD
12SupermanSuperman/Clark Kent1978Buy the DVD
13Superman IISuperman/Clark Kent1980Buy the DVD
14Superman IIISuperman/Clark Kent1983Buy the DVD
15Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceSuperman/Clark Kent1987Buy the DVD
16Switching ChannelsBlaine Bingham1988Buy the DVD
17The AviatorEdgar Anscombe1985Buy the DVD
18The BostoniansBasil Ransome1984Buy the DVD
19The Remains of the DayLewis1993Buy the DVD
20Village of the DamnedDr. Alan Chaffee1995Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Christopher Reeve


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