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Gene Hackman

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Gene Hackman was born on January 30, 1930 in San Bernardino, California, USA. Gene Hackman was given the name Eugene Allen Hackman at birth.

Gene Hackman starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Gene Hackman

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1A Bridge Too FarMaj. Gen. Stanislaw Sosabowski1977Buy the DVD
2A Covenant with DeathHarmsworth1967Buy the DVD
3Absolute PowerPresident Allen Richmond1997Buy the DVD
4All Night LongGeorge Dupler1981Buy the DVD
5Another WomanLarry Lewis1988Buy the DVD
6AntzGeneral Mandible1998Buy the DVD
7BanningTommy Del Gaddo1967Buy the DVD
8Bat*21Lt. Col. Iceal Hambleton1988Buy the DVD
9Behind Enemy LinesAdmiral Leslie McMahon Reigart2001Buy the DVD
10Bite the BulletSam Clayton1975Buy the DVD
11Bonnie and ClydeBuck Barrow1967Buy the DVD
12Cisco PikeSergeant Leo Holland1972Buy the DVD
13Class ActionJedediah Tucker Ward1991Buy the DVD
14Community Shelter PlanningDonald Ross - Regional Civil Defense Officer1967Buy the DVD
15Company BusinessSam Boyd1991Buy the DVD
16Crimson TideCapt. Frank Ramsey1995Buy the DVD
17Doctors' WivesDr. Dave Randolph1971Buy the DVD
18Downhill RacerEugene Claire1969Buy the DVD
19Enemy of the StateEdward 'Brill' Lyle1998Buy the DVD
20EurekaJack McCann1984Buy the DVD
21Extreme MeasuresDr. Lawrence Myrick1996Buy the DVD
22First to FightSgt. Tweed1967Buy the DVD
23French Connection IIJimmy 'Popeye' Doyle1975Buy the DVD
24Full Moon in Blue WaterFloyd1988Buy the DVD
25Geronimo: An American LegendBrig. Gen. George Crook1993Buy the DVD
26Get ShortyHarry Zimm1995Buy the DVD
27HawaiiRev. John Whipple1966Buy the DVD
28HeartbreakersWilliam B. Tensy2001Buy the DVD
29HeistJoe Moore2001Buy the DVD
30HoosiersCoach Norman Dale1986Buy the DVD
31I Never Sang for My FatherGene Garrison1970Buy the DVD
32LilithNorman1964Buy the DVD
33Loose CannonsMacArthur Stern1990Buy the DVD
34Lucky LadyKibby Womack1975Buy the DVD
35March or DieMaj. William Sherman Foster1977Buy the DVD
36MaroonedBuzz Lloyd1969Buy the DVD
37Mississippi BurningAgent Rupert Anderson1988Buy the DVD
38MisunderstoodNed Rawley1984Buy the DVD
39Narrow MarginRobert Caulfield1990Buy the DVD
40Night MovesHarry Moseby1975Buy the DVD
41No Way OutDefense Secretary David Brice1987Buy the DVD
42Postcards from the EdgeLowell1990Buy the DVD
43PowerWilfred Buckley1986Buy the DVD
44Prime CutMary Ann1972Buy the DVD
45RedsPete Van Wherry1981Buy the DVD
46RiotRed Fraker1969Buy the DVD
47Runaway JuryRankin Fitch2003Buy the DVD
48ScarecrowMax Millan1973Buy the DVD
49Split DecisionsDan McGuinn1988Buy the DVD
50SupermanLex Luthor1978Buy the DVD
51Superman IILex Luthor1980Buy the DVD
52Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceLex Luthor/voice of Nuclear Man1987Buy the DVD
53TargetWalter Lloyd/Duncan (Duke) Potter1985Buy the DVD
54The BirdcageSen. Kevin Keeley1996Buy the DVD
55The ChamberSam Cayhall1996Buy the DVD
56The ConversationHarry Caul1974Buy the DVD
57The Domino PrincipleRoy Tucker1977Buy the DVD
58The FirmAvery Tolar1993Buy the DVD
59The French ConnectionDet. Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle1971Buy the DVD
60The Gypsy MothsJoe Browdy1969Buy the DVD
61The Hunting PartyBrandt Ruger1971Buy the DVD
62The MexicanArnold Margolese2001Buy the DVD
63The PackageSgt. Johnny Gallagher1989Buy the DVD
64The Poseidon AdventureRev. Frank Scott1972Buy the DVD
65The Quick and the DeadJohn Herod1995Buy the DVD
66The ReplacementsJimmy McGinty2000Buy the DVD
67The Royal TenenbaumsRoyal Tenenbaum2001Buy the DVD
68The SplitDetective Lt. Walter Brill1968Buy the DVD
69Twice in a LifetimeHarry MacKenzie1985Buy the DVD
70TwilightJack Ames1998Buy the DVD
71Two of a KindVoice of God1983Buy the DVD
72Uncommon ValorCol. Cal Rhodes1983Buy the DVD
73Under FireAlex Grazier1983Buy the DVD
74Under SuspicionHenry Hearst2000Buy the DVD
75UnforgivenLittle Bill Daggett1992Buy the DVD
76Welcome to MooseportMonroe Cole2004Buy the DVD
77Wyatt EarpNicholas Earp1994Buy the DVD
78Young FrankensteinThe Blindman (Harold)1974Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Gene Hackman


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