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Jackie Chan

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Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong. Jackie Chan was given the name Kong-sang Chan at birth.

Jackie Chan starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Jackie Chan

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1'A' gai waakDragon Mi Yong1983Buy the DVD
2'A' gai waak juk jaapDragon Mao1987Buy the DVD
3An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood BurnSpecial Appearance1997Buy the DVD
4Around the World in 80 DaysPassepartout/Lau Xing2004Buy the DVD
5Bei di yan zhiBit Part1973Buy the DVD
6Big and Little Wong Tin BarKid1962Buy the DVD
7Bor lei junC.N. Chan1999Buy the DVD
8Cannonball Run IIJackie Chan, Mitsubishi Engineer1984Buy the DVD
9Chao ji ji huaInspector Chan1993Buy the DVD
10Chin gei binJackie2003Buy the DVD
11Chu dao gui jingInspector1990Buy the DVD
12Crash che botte!Stuntman1974Buy the DVD
13Daai lo oi mei laiClient of Julie (Cameo)2004Buy the DVD
14Dak ging san yan luiPoor Fisherman1999Buy the DVD
15Dak miu mai shingBuck Yuen/Jackie Chan2001Buy the DVD
16Dian zhi gong fu gan chian chanJiang1980Buy the DVD
17Ding tian li diSi To1973Buy the DVD
18Enter the DragonThug in Prison1973Buy the DVD
19Fa dou daai jinLord of Armour2004Buy the DVD
20Fei du juan yun shanLord Ting Chung1978Buy the DVD
21Fei lung maang jeungJackie Lung1988Buy the DVD
22Fei ying gai wakJackie Condor (Jackie Chan)1991Buy the DVD
23Feng yu shuang liu xingWa Wu-Bin/Tiger1976Buy the DVD
24Fuk sing go jiuMuscles1985Buy the DVD
25Ging chaat goo siKevin (Jackie) Chan Ka Kui1985Buy the DVD
26Ging chaat goo si juk jaapChan Ka Kui1988Buy the DVD
27Gong fen bing tuanBit part1982Buy the DVD
28Guang dong xiao lao huJackie Chan1971Buy the DVD
29Hei kek ji wongFamous Movie Star1999Buy the DVD
30Hong faan kuiKeung1995Buy the DVD
31Hsia nuBit Part1969Buy the DVD
32Hsiao chuan yi chaoShing Lung1979Buy the DVD
33Huo shao daoLung/Steve1990Buy the DVD
34Jian hua yan yu jiang nanCao Lei1977Buy the DVD
35Jin ping shuang yanPear seller1974Buy the DVD
36Jing cha gu shi III: Chao ji jing chaChan Ka Kui1992Buy the DVD
37Jing cha gu shi IV: Jian dan ren wuChan Ka Kui1996Buy the DVD
38Jing wu menJing Wu student1972Buy the DVD
39Jui kuenWong Fei-Hung1978Buy the DVD
40Jui kuen IIWong Fei-hung1994Buy the DVD
41Kwai tsan tsehThomas1984Buy the DVD
42Long de xinTed/Tat Fung1985Buy the DVD
43Long quanTang How-Yuen1979Buy the DVD
44Long teng hu yueChan Lung1983Buy the DVD
45Long xiong hu diJackie1987Buy the DVD
46Mai nei dak gung duiSammy1982Buy the DVD
47Nui ji za pai junPrisoner1986Buy the DVD
48Piklik foChan Foh To (Alfred Tung in US version)1995Buy the DVD
49Police WomanGang Leader1974Buy the DVD
50Qiji'Charlie' Cheng Wah Kuo1989Buy the DVD
51Quan jingYi-Lang1978Buy the DVD
52Rush HourChief Inspector Lee1998Buy the DVD
53Rush Hour 2Chief Inspector Lee2001Buy the DVD
54San ging chaat goo siWing2004Buy the DVD
55San shi liu mi xing quanPossible Extra1977Buy the DVD
56San waJack/General Meng-yi2005Buy the DVD
57Se ying diu sauChien Fu1978Buy the DVD
58Shanghai KnightsChon Wang2003Buy the DVD
59Shanghai NoonChon Wang2000Buy the DVD
60Shao Lin menTan Feng1976Buy the DVD
61She hao ba buHsu Yin-Fung1978Buy the DVD
62Shen yong shuang xiang paoMotorcycle Cop #21984Buy the DVD
63Shi di chu maDragon1980Buy the DVD
64Shuang long huiMa Yau/Die Hard (John Ma/Boomer in US version)1992Buy the DVD
65Sing si lip yanRyu Saeba1993Buy the DVD
66The Big BrawlJerry Kwan1980Buy the DVD
67The Cannonball RunJackie Chan, Subaru Driver1981Buy the DVD
68The MedallionEddie Yang2003Buy the DVD
69The ProtectorBilly Wong1985Buy the DVD
70The TuxedoJimmy Tong2002Buy the DVD
71Wu fu xingCID 071983Buy the DVD
72Xi Zang xiao ziCameo appearance1992Buy the DVD
73Xia ri fu xingMuscles1985Buy the DVD
74Xin ching-wu menA Lung1976Buy the DVD
75Yatgo ho yanJackie1997Buy the DVD
76Zhong an zuInspector Eddie Chan1993Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Jackie Chan


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