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James Stewart

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James Stewart was born on May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA. James Stewart was given the name James Maitland Stewart at birth.

James Stewart died of pulmonary embolism following respiratory problems on July 2, 1997 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

James Stewart starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring James Stewart

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1After the Thin ManDavid Graham1936Buy the DVD
2Afurika monogatariOld man1980Buy the DVD
3Airport '77Philip Stevens1977Buy the DVD
4Anatomy of a MurderPaul Biegler1959Buy the DVD
5Bandolero!Mace Bishop1968Buy the DVD
6Bell Book and CandleShepherd 'Shep' Henderson1958Buy the DVD
7Bend of the RiverGlyn McLyntock, Wagon train guide1952Buy the DVD
8Born to DanceTed Barker1936Buy the DVD
9Broken ArrowTom Jeffords1950Buy the DVD
10Call Northside 777P.J. McNeal1948Buy the DVD
11Carbine WilliamsDavid Marshall 'Marsh' Williams1952Buy the DVD
12Cheyenne AutumnWyatt Earp1964Buy the DVD
13Come Live with MeBill Smith1941Buy the DVD
14Dear BrigitteProf. Robert Leaf1965Buy the DVD
15Destry Rides AgainThomas Jefferson 'Tom' Destry Jr.1939Buy the DVD
16FirecreekJohnny Cobb1968Buy the DVD
17Fools' ParadeMattie Appleyard1971Buy the DVD
18HarveyElwood P. Dowd1950Buy the DVD
19How the West Was WonLinus Rawlings1962Buy the DVD
20Important NewsCornelius Stevens1936Buy the DVD
21It's a Wonderful LifeGeorge Bailey1946Buy the DVD
22It's a Wonderful WorldGuy Johnson1939Buy the DVD
23Made for Each OtherJohn Horace 'Johnny' Mason1939Buy the DVD
24Magic TownRip Smith1947Buy the DVD
25MalayaJohn Royer1949Buy the DVD
26Mr. Hobbs Takes a VacationRoger Hobbs1962Buy the DVD
27Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonJefferson Smith1939Buy the DVD
28Navy Blue and GoldJohn 'Truck' Cross (alias of John Cross Carter)1937Buy the DVD
29Next Time We LoveChristopher Tyler1936Buy the DVD
30Night PassageGrant McLaine1957Buy the DVD
31No HighwayTheodore Honey1951Buy the DVD
32No Time for ComedyGaylord 'Gay' Esterbrook1940Buy the DVD
33Of Human HeartsJason Wilkins1938Buy the DVD
34On Our Merry WaySlim1948Buy the DVD
35Pot o' GoldJimmy Haskell1941Buy the DVD
36Rear WindowL. B. Jefferies1954Buy the DVD
37RopeRupert Cadell1948Buy the DVD
38Seventh HeavenChico1937Buy the DVD
39ShenandoahCharlie Anderson1965Buy the DVD
40SpeedTerry Martin1936Buy the DVD
41Strategic Air CommandLt. Col. Robert 'Dutch' Holland1955Buy the DVD
42Take Her, She's MineFrank Michaelson/Narrator1963Buy the DVD
43The Big SleepGeneral Sternwood1978Buy the DVD
44The Cheyenne Social ClubJohn O'Hanlan1970Buy the DVD
45The FBI StoryJohn Michael ('Chip') Hardesty1959Buy the DVD
46The Far CountryJeff Webster1954Buy the DVD
47The Flight of the PhoenixCapt. Frank Towns1965Buy the DVD
48The Glenn Miller StoryGlenn Miller1953Buy the DVD
49The Gorgeous HussyRoderick 'Rowdy' Dow1936Buy the DVD
50The Greatest Show on EarthButtons1952Buy the DVD
51The Ice Follies of 1939Larry Hall1939Buy the DVD
52The JackpotBill Lawrence1950Buy the DVD
53The Last GangsterPaul North Sr.1937Buy the DVD
54The Magic of LassieClovis Mitchell1978Buy the DVD
55The Man Who Knew Too MuchDr. Ben McKenna1956Buy the DVD
56The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceRansom Stoddard1962Buy the DVD
57The Man from LaramieWill Lockhart1955Buy the DVD
58The Mortal StormMartin Breitner1940Buy the DVD
59The Mountain RoadMaj. Baldwin1960Buy the DVD
60The Murder ManShorty, reporter1935Buy the DVD
61The Naked SpurHoward Kemp1953Buy the DVD
62The Philadelphia StoryMacaulay Connor1940Buy the DVD
63The Rare BreedSam Burnett1966Buy the DVD
64The ShootistDr. E.W. Hostetler1976Buy the DVD
65The Shop Around the CornerAlfred Kralik1940Buy the DVD
66The Shopworn AngelPvt. William 'Texas' Pettigrew1938Buy the DVD
67The Spirit of St. LouisCharles Augustus 'Slim' Lindbergh1957Buy the DVD
68The Stratton StoryMonty Stratton1949Buy the DVD
69Thunder BaySteve Martin1953Buy the DVD
70Tomorrow's DriversThe Story Teller1954Buy the DVD
71Two Rode TogetherMarshal Guthrie McCabe1961Buy the DVD
72VertigoDet. John 'Scottie' Ferguson1958Buy the DVD
73Vivacious LadyProf. Peter Morgan Jr.1938Buy the DVD
74Wife vs. SecretaryDave1936Buy the DVD
75Winchester '73Lin McAdam1950Buy the DVD
76X-15Narrator1961Buy the DVD
77You Can't Take It with YouTony Kirby1938Buy the DVD
78You Gotta Stay HappyMarvin Payne1948Buy the DVD
79Ziegfeld GirlGilbert 'Gil' Young1941Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring James Stewart


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