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Jeff Goldblum

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Jeff Goldblum was born on October 22, 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Jeff Goldblum was given the name Jeffery Lynn Goldblum at birth.

Jeff Goldblum starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Jeff Goldblum

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1Annie HallLacey Party Guest1977Buy the DVD
2Auggie RoseJohn Nolan2000Buy the DVD
3Between the LinesMax Arloft1977Buy the DVD
4Beyond TherapyBruce1987Buy the DVD
5California SplitLloyd Harris1974Buy the DVD
6Cats & DogsProfessor Brody2001Buy the DVD
7Chain of FoolsAvnet2000Buy the DVD
8Dallas 362Bob2003Buy the DVD
9Death WishFreak #11974Buy the DVD
10Deep CoverDavid Jason1992Buy the DVD
11Earth Girls Are EasyMac1988Buy the DVD
12Fathers & SonsMax1992Buy the DVD
13HideawayHatch Harrison1995Buy the DVD
14Holy ManRicky Hayman1998Buy the DVD
15Igby Goes DownD.H. Banes2002Buy the DVD
16Incident at Loch NessParty Guest2004Buy the DVD
17Independence DayDavid Levinson1996Buy the DVD
18Into the NightEd Okin1985Buy the DVD
19Invasion of the Body SnatchersJack Bellicec1978Buy the DVD
20Jurassic ParkDr. Ian Malcolm1993Buy the DVD
21Mad Dog TimeMickey Holliday1996Buy the DVD
22Mini's First TimeMike Rudell2006Buy the DVD
23Mister FrostMr. Frost1990Buy the DVD
24NashvilleTricycle Man1975Buy the DVD
25Next Stop, Greenwich VillageClyde Baxter1976Buy the DVD
26Nine MonthsSean Fletcher1995Buy the DVD
27One of the Hollywood TenHerbert Biberman2000Buy the DVD
28PerfumeJamie2001Buy the DVD
29PowderDonald Ripley1995Buy the DVD
30Remember My NameMr. Nudd1978Buy the DVD
31Shooting ElizabethHoward Pigeon1992Buy the DVD
32Silverado'Slick' Calvin Stanhope1985Buy the DVD
33Special DeliverySnake1976Buy the DVD
34Spinning BorisGeorge Gorton2003Buy the DVD
35St. IvesHood #31976Buy the DVD
36Sueño del mono loco, ElDan Gillis1989Buy the DVD
37Thank God It's FridayTony Di Marco1978Buy the DVD
38The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th DimensionNew Jersey1984Buy the DVD
39The Big ChillMichael Gold1983Buy the DVD
40The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big FishPianist1991Buy the DVD
41The FlySeth Brundle1986Buy the DVD
42The Great White HypeMitchell Kane1996Buy the DVD
43The Life Aquatic with Steve ZissouAlistair Hennessey2004Buy the DVD
44The Lost World: Jurassic ParkDr. Ian Malcolm1997Buy the DVD
45The Prince of EgyptAaron1998Buy the DVD
46The Right StuffRecruiter1983Buy the DVD
47The SentinelJack1977Buy the DVD
48The Tall GuyDexter King1989Buy the DVD
49ThresholdAldo Gehring1981Buy the DVD
50Transylvania 6-5000Jack Harrison1985Buy the DVD
51VibesNick Deezy1988Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Jeff Goldblum


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