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John Wayne

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John Wayne was born on May 26, 1907 in Winterset, Iowa, USA. John Wayne was given the name Marion Robert Morrison at birth.

John Wayne died of lung and stomach cancer on June 11, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

John Wayne starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1'Neath the Arizona SkiesChris Morrell1934Buy the DVD
23 GodfathersRobert Marmaduke Hightower1948Buy the DVD
3A Lady Takes a ChanceDuke Hudkins1943Buy the DVD
4A Man BetrayedLynn Hollister1941Buy the DVD
5Adventure's EndDuke Slade1937Buy the DVD
6Allegheny UprisingJames Smith1939Buy the DVD
7Angel and the BadmanQuirt Evans1947Buy the DVD
8Annie LaurieExtra1927Buy the DVD
9ArizonaLt. Bob Denton1931Buy the DVD
10Baby FaceJimmy McCoy Jr.1933Buy the DVD
11Back to BataanCol. Joseph Madden1945Buy the DVD
12Bardelys the MagnificentGuard1926Buy the DVD
13Big JakeJacob McCandles1971Buy the DVD
14Big Jim McLainJim McLain1952Buy the DVD
15Blood AlleyCapt. Tom Wilder1955Buy the DVD
16Blue SteelJohn Carruthers1934Buy the DVD
17Born RecklessExtra1930Buy the DVD
18Born to the WestDare Rudd1937Buy the DVD
19BranniganLt. Jim Brannigan1975Buy the DVD
20Cahill U.S. MarshalU.S. Marshal J.D. Cahill1973Buy the DVD
21California Straight Ahead!Biff Smith1937Buy the DVD
22Cast a Giant ShadowGen. Mike Randolph1966Buy the DVD
23Central AirportCo-pilot in Wreck1933Buy the DVD
24Cheer Up and SmileBit Part1930Buy the DVD
25ChisumJohn Simpson Chisum1970Buy the DVD
26Circus WorldMatt Masters1964Buy the DVD
27College CoachStudent greeting Phil1933Buy the DVD
28ConflictPat Glendon1936Buy the DVD
29DakotaJohn Devlin1945Buy the DVD
30Dark CommandBob Seton1940Buy the DVD
31Donovan's ReefMichael Patrick 'Guns' Donovan1963Buy the DVD
32El DoradoCole Thornton1966Buy the DVD
33Flame of Barbary CoastDuke Fergus1945Buy the DVD
34Flying LeathernecksMaj. Daniel Xavier Kirby1951Buy the DVD
35Flying TigersCapt. Jim Gordon1942Buy the DVD
36Fort ApacheCapt. Kirby York1948Buy the DVD
37Four SonsExtra1928Buy the DVD
38Girls Demand ExcitementPeter Brooks1931Buy the DVD
39Hangman's HouseHorse Race Spectator/Condemned Man in Flashback1928Buy the DVD
40Hatari!Sean Mercer1962Buy the DVD
41Haunted GoldJohn Mason1932Buy the DVD
42HellfightersChance Buckman1968Buy the DVD
43His Private SecretaryDick Wallace1933Buy the DVD
44HondoHondo Lane1953Buy the DVD
45How the West Was WonGen. William Tecumseh Sherman1962Buy the DVD
46I Cover the WarBob Adams1937Buy the DVD
47I Married a WomanJohn Wayne/Leonard1958Buy the DVD
48Idol of the CrowdsJohnny Hansen1937Buy the DVD
49In Harm's WayCapt. Rockwell Torrey1965Buy the DVD
50In Old CaliforniaTom Craig1942Buy the DVD
51In Old OklahomaDaniel F. Somers1943Buy the DVD
52Island in the SkyCapt. Dooley1953Buy the DVD
53Jet PilotCol. Jim Shannon1957Buy the DVD
54King of the PecosJohn Clayborn1936Buy the DVD
55Lady and GentBuzz Kinney1932Buy the DVD
56Lady for a NightJackson Morgan1942Buy the DVD
57Lady from LouisianaJohn Reynolds1941Buy the DVD
58Lawless RangeJohn Middleton, aka John Allen1935Buy the DVD
59Legend of the LostJoe January1957Buy the DVD
60Maker of MenDusty Rhodes1931Buy the DVD
61McLintock!George Washington McLintock1963Buy the DVD
62McQDet. Lt. Lon McQ1974Buy the DVD
63Men Without WomenRadioman on surface1930Buy the DVD
64Miracle in MotionNarrator1952Buy the DVD
65Mother MachreeExtra1928Buy the DVD
66New FrontierStony Brooke1939Buy the DVD
67Noah's ArkExtra1928Buy the DVD
68North to AlaskaSam McCord1960Buy the DVD
69Operation PacificLt Cmdr. Duke E. Gifford1951Buy the DVD
70Overland Stage RaidersStony Brooke1938Buy the DVD
71Pals of the SaddleStony Brooke1938Buy the DVD
72Paradise CanyonJohn Wyatt aka John Rogers1935Buy the DVD
73PittsburghCharles 'Pittsburgh' Markham/Charles Ellis1942Buy the DVD
74Rainbow ValleyJohn Martin1935Buy the DVD
75Randy Rides AloneRandy Bowers1934Buy the DVD
76Range FeudClint Turner1931Buy the DVD
77Reap the Wild WindCaptain Jack Stuart1942Buy the DVD
78Red RiverThomas Dunson1948Buy the DVD
79Red River RangeStony Brooke1938Buy the DVD
80Reunion in FrancePat Talbot1942Buy the DVD
81Ride Him, CowboyJohn Drury1932Buy the DVD
82Riders of DestinySingin' Sandy Saunders1933Buy the DVD
83Rio BravoSheriff John T. Chance1959Buy the DVD
84Rio GrandeLt. Col. Kirby Yorke1950Buy the DVD
85Rio LoboCol. Cord McNally1970Buy the DVD
86Rooster CogburnMarshal Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn1975Buy the DVD
87Rough RomanceLumberjack1930Buy the DVD
88Sagebrush TrailJohn Brant (using alias John Smith)1933Buy the DVD
89SaluteBill (midshipman)1929Buy the DVD
90Sands of Iwo JimaSgt. John M. Stryker1949Buy the DVD
91Santa Fe StampedeStony Brooke1938Buy the DVD
92Sea Spoilers'Bos'n' Bob Randall1936Buy the DVD
93Seven SinnersLt. Dan Brent1940Buy the DVD
94She Wore a Yellow RibbonCapt. Nathan Cutting Brittles1949Buy the DVD
95Somewhere in SonoraJohn Bishop1933Buy the DVD
96SpeakeasyExtra1929Buy the DVD
97StagecoachThe Ringo Kid1939Buy the DVD
98Tall in the SaddleRocklin1944Buy the DVD
99Texas CycloneSteve Pickett1932Buy the DVD
100Texas TerrorSheriff John Higgins1935Buy the DVD
101That's My BoyFootball Player1932Buy the DVD
102The AlamoCol. Davy Crockett1960Buy the DVD
103The Barbarian and the GeishaTownsend Harris1958Buy the DVD
104The Big StampedeDeputy Sheriff John Steele1932Buy the DVD
105The Big TrailBreck Coleman1930Buy the DVD
106The Black WatchExtra1929Buy the DVD
107The ComancherosRanger Capt. Jake Cutter1961Buy the DVD
108The ConquerorTemujin, later Genghis Khan1956Buy the DVD
109The CowboysWil Andersen1972Buy the DVD
110The Dawn RiderJohn Mason1935Buy the DVD
111The DeceiverRichard Thorpe as a corpse1931Buy the DVD
112The Desert TrailJohn Scott, aka John Jones1935Buy the DVD
113The Drop KickUSC Football Player1927Buy the DVD
114The Fighting KentuckianJohn Breen1949Buy the DVD
115The Fighting SeabeesLt. Cmdr. Wedge Donovan1944Buy the DVD
116The Forward PassExtra1929Buy the DVD
117The Great K & A Train RobberyExtra1926Buy the DVD
118The Greatest Story Ever ToldCenturion at crucifixion1965Buy the DVD
119The Green BeretsCol. Mike Kirby1968Buy the DVD
120The High and the MightyDan Roman1954Buy the DVD
121The Horse SoldiersCol. John Marlowe1959Buy the DVD
122The Hurricane ExpressLarry Baker1932Buy the DVD
123The Lawless FrontierJohn Tobin1934Buy the DVD
124The Lawless NinetiesJohn Tipton1936Buy the DVD
125The Life of Jimmy DolanSmith1933Buy the DVD
126The Lonely TrailCapt. John Ashley1936Buy the DVD
127The Long Voyage HomeOle Olsen1940Buy the DVD
128The Longest DayLt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort1962Buy the DVD
129The Lucky TexanJerry Mason1934Buy the DVD
130The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceTom Doniphon1962Buy the DVD
131The Man from MontereyCaptain John Holmes1933Buy the DVD
132The Man from UtahJohn Weston1934Buy the DVD
133The New FrontierJohn Dawson1935Buy the DVD
134The Night RidersStony Brooke1939Buy the DVD
135The Oregon TrailCapt John Delmont1936Buy the DVD
136The Quiet ManSean Thornton1952Buy the DVD
137The Sea ChaseCapt. Karl Ehrlich1955Buy the DVD
138The SearchersEthan Edwards1956Buy the DVD
139The Shadow of the EagleCraig McCoy1932Buy the DVD
140The Shepherd of the HillsYoung Matt1941Buy the DVD
141The ShootistJohn Bernard Books1976Buy the DVD
142The Sons of Katie ElderJohn Elder1965Buy the DVD
143The SpoilersRoy Glennister1942Buy the DVD
144The Star PackerU.S. Marshal John Travers1934Buy the DVD
145The Telegraph TrailJohn Trent1933Buy the DVD
146The Three MusketeersLt. Tom Wayne1933Buy the DVD
147The Trail BeyondRod Drew1934Buy the DVD
148The Train RobbersLane1973Buy the DVD
149The UndefeatedCol. John Henry Thomas1969Buy the DVD
150The Voice of Hollywood No. 13Announcer1932Buy the DVD
151The War WagonTaw Jackson1967Buy the DVD
152The Wings of EaglesFrank W. 'Spig' Wead1957Buy the DVD
153They Were ExpendableLt. (j.g.) 'Rusty' Ryan1945Buy the DVD
154Three Faces WestJohn Phillips1940Buy the DVD
155Three Girls LostGordon Wales1931Buy the DVD
156Three Texas SteersStony Brooke1939Buy the DVD
157Trouble Along the WaySteve Aloysius Williams1953Buy the DVD
158True GritMarshall Reuben J. 'Rooster' Cogburn1969Buy the DVD
159Two-Fisted LawDuke1932Buy the DVD
160TycoonJohnny Munroe1947Buy the DVD
161Wake of the Red WitchCapt. Ralls1948Buy the DVD
162West of the DivideTed Hayden, posing as Gat Ganns1934Buy the DVD
163Westward HoJohn Wyatt1935Buy the DVD
164Winds of the WastelandJohn Blair1936Buy the DVD
165Without ReservationsRusty Thomas1946Buy the DVD
166Words and MusicPete Donahue1929Buy the DVD
167Wyoming OutlawStony Brooke1939Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring John Wayne


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