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Faye Dunaway

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Faye Dunaway was born on January 14, 1941 in Bascom, Florida, USA. Faye Dunaway was given the name Dorothy Faye Dunaway at birth.

Faye Dunaway starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Faye Dunaway

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1'Doc'Katie Elder1971Buy the DVD
2Albino AlligatorJanet Boudreaux1996Buy the DVD
3AmantiJulia1968Buy the DVD
4Arizona DreamElaine Stalker1993Buy the DVD
5BarflyWanda Wilcox1987Buy the DVD
6Blind HorizonMs. K2003Buy the DVD
7Bonnie and ClydeBonnie Parker1967Buy the DVD
8Burning SecretMrs. Sonya Tuchman1988Buy the DVD
9Changing HeartsBetty Miller2002Buy the DVD
10ChinatownEvelyn Cross Mulwray1974Buy the DVD
11Cut OffMarilyn Burton2006Buy the DVD
12Don Juan DeMarcoMarilyn Mickler1995Buy the DVD
13DrunksBecky1995Buy the DVD
14Dunston Checks InMrs. Dubrow1996Buy the DVD
15En brazos de la mujer maduraCondesa1997Buy the DVD
16Eyes of Laura MarsLaura Mars1978Buy the DVD
17Ghosts Never SleepKathleen Dolan2005Buy the DVD
18Hurry SundownLou McDowell1967Buy the DVD
19In una notte di chiaro di lunaMrs. Colbert1989Buy the DVD
20Jennifer's ShadowMary Ellen Cassi2004Buy the DVD
21Lahav HatzuiFaye Milano1992Buy the DVD
22Last GoodbyeSean Winston2004Buy the DVD
23Little Big ManMrs. Louise Pendrake1970Buy the DVD
24Love Hollywood StyleGod2006Buy the DVD
25Love Lies BleedingJosephine Butler1999Buy the DVD
26Maison sous les arbres, LaJill1971Buy the DVD
27Mid-CenturyBlue/Mother2002Buy the DVD
28Midnight CrossingHelen Barton1988Buy the DVD
29Mommie DearestJoan Crawford1981Buy the DVD
30NetworkDiana Christensen1976Buy the DVD
31Oklahoma CrudeLena Doyle1973Buy the DVD
32Ordeal by InnocenceRachel Argyle1984Buy the DVD
33Padrino, ElAtty. Gen. Navarro2004Buy the DVD
34Partita, LaCountess Matilda Von Wallenstein1988Buy the DVD
35Puzzle of a Downfall ChildLou Andreas Sand1970Buy the DVD
36ScorchersThais1991Buy the DVD
37Stanley's GigLeila2000Buy the DVD
38SupergirlSelena1984Buy the DVD
39The ArrangementGwen1969Buy the DVD
40The CallingMae West2002Buy the DVD
41The ChamberLee Cayhall Bowen1996Buy the DVD
42The ChampAnnie1979Buy the DVD
43The Extraordinary SeamanJennifer Winslow1969Buy the DVD
44The First Deadly SinBarbara Delaney1980Buy the DVD
45The Four MusketeersMilady1974Buy the DVD
46The Gene GenerationJosephine Hayden2006Buy the DVD
47The Handmaid's TaleSerena Joy1990Buy the DVD
48The HappeningSandy1967Buy the DVD
49The Messenger: The Story of Joan of ArcYolande D'Aragon1999Buy the DVD
50The Rules of AttractionMrs. Eve Denton2002Buy the DVD
51The TempCharlene Towne1993Buy the DVD
52The Thomas Crown AffairVicki Anderson1968Buy the DVD
53The Thomas Crown AffairVicki Anderson1968Buy the DVD
54The Three MusketeersLady de Winter1973Buy the DVD
55The Towering InfernoSusan Franklin1974Buy the DVD
56The Two JakesEvelyn Mulwray1990Buy the DVD
57The Wicked LadyLady Barbara Skelton1983Buy the DVD
58The YardsKitty Olchin2000Buy the DVD
59Three Days of the CondorKathy Hale1975Buy the DVD
60Voyage of the DamnedDenise Kreisler1976Buy the DVD
61Wait Until Spring, BandiniMrs. Hildegarde1989Buy the DVD
62Yellow BirdAurora Beavis2001Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Faye Dunaway


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