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Sissy Spacek

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Sissy Spacek was born on December 25, 1950 in Quitman, Texas, USA. Sissy Spacek was given the name Mary Elizabeth Spacek at birth.

Sissy Spacek starred and played the following characters in the movies listed below (in alphabetical order):

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Quiz challenge on films starring Sissy Spacek

No. Movie Title Name of Character Year Released Buy the DVD
1'Night, MotherJessie Cates1986Buy the DVD
23 WomenPinky Rose1977Buy the DVD
3A Home at the End of the WorldAlice Glover2004Buy the DVD
4AfflictionMargie Fogg1997Buy the DVD
5An American HauntingLucy Bell2005Buy the DVD
6BadlandsHolly Sargis1973Buy the DVD
7Blast from the PastHelen Thomas Webber1999Buy the DVD
8CarrieCarrie White1976Buy the DVD
9Coal Miner's DaughterLoretta Webb/Lynn1980Buy the DVD
10Crimes of the HeartRebeca 'Babe'/'Becky' Magrath Botrelle1986Buy the DVD
11Ginger in the MorningGinger1974Buy the DVD
12Gray MattersSara2007Buy the DVD
13Hard PromisesChristine Ann Coalter1991Buy the DVD
14Heart BeatCarolyn Cassady1980Buy the DVD
15In the BedroomRuth Fowler2001Buy the DVD
16JFKLiz Garrison1991Buy the DVD
17MarieMarie Ragghianti1985Buy the DVD
18MissingBeth Horman1982Buy the DVD
19Nine LivesRuth2005Buy the DVD
20North CountryAlice Aimes2005Buy the DVD
21Prime CutPoppy1972Buy the DVD
22Raggedy ManNita Longley1981Buy the DVD
23Summer Running: The Race to Cure Breast CancerMrs. Flora Good2005Buy the DVD
24The Grass HarpVerena Talbo1995Buy the DVD
25The Long Walk HomeMiriam Thompson1990Buy the DVD
26The Man with Two BrainsAnne Uumellmahaye1983Buy the DVD
27The Ring TwoEvelyn2005Buy the DVD
28The RiverMae Garvey1984Buy the DVD
29The Straight StoryRose 'Rosie' Straight1999Buy the DVD
30Trading MomMrs. Mommy Martin/Mama, Snappy French/Mom, the Nature-Hiker/Natasha, the Circus Performer1994Buy the DVD
31Tuck EverlastingMae Tuck2002Buy the DVD
32Violets Are Blue...Augusta 'Gussie' Sawyer1986Buy the DVD
33Welcome to L.A.Linda Murray1976Buy the DVD

Quiz challenge on films starring Sissy Spacek


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