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Music Trivia & Quiz Games : Musical Terms I

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altoAlto is the highest adult male or lowest female voice. Alto is also a musical instrument with the second or third highest pitch in the group.
carolCarol is a hymn or song celebrating Christmas.
chordChord is a combination of three or more tones sounded together and in harmony.
concertoConcerto is a musical composition written for solo instrument and orchestra, wherein the soloist plays the melody and the orchestra plays the accompaniment.
conductorConductor is a person who directs a choir's or orchestra's performance through gestures and facial expressions indicating the dynamics, phrasing, style and tempo.
contraltoContralto is the lowest female singing voice. Soprano refers to the highest female or boy's singing voice.
dynamicsDynamics refers to the varying intensities of sound (loudness or softness) in a musical work.
falsettoFalsetto refers to a voice above one's natural range, such as a male singing reaching a female pitch by partial use of vocal cords.
fanfareFanfare is a short sounding or flourish of trumpets for military or ceremonial purposes.
intermezzoIntermezzo is a short piece of music between main divisions of an extended musical work.
movementMovement is a section of a larger piece of music.
octaveOctave is the interval of eight tones between one musical note and the next note of the same name above or below it.
octetOctet is a musical composition written for a group of eight voices or instruments.
operettaOperatta is a short or light play with words sung to music.
opusOpus is a musical composition conveniently numbered in order as one of a composer's works.
oratarioOratario is an extended cantata (musical composition for voices and orchestra) usually with a biblical theme.
overtureOverture is an orchestral composition forming a prelude to an opera or other large musical performance.
pitchPitch determines how high or low a note sounds.
polyphonyPolyphony (or Counterpoint) refers to a combination of melodies or a composition in this style.
quartetQuartet is a musical composition for a set of four musicians (instruments or voices).
quintetQuintet is a musical composition for a set of five musicians (instruments or voices).
scaleScale refers to a fixed series of successive tones (either ascending or descending) in a music system.
sopranoSoprano refers to the highest female or boy's singing voice. Contralto is the lowest female voice.
staveStave or (Staff) is the set of five horizontal parallel lines on which musical notation is written.
tempoTempo is the rate of a piece of music.
themeTheme is a short melodious passage, which is repeated in a musical work.
timbreTimbre is the characteristic quality of a musical tone that distinguishes one instrument from another and is determined by the sound harmonies.
trioTrio is a musical composition for a set of three musicians (instruments or voices).

Try the Quiz : Music Trivia & Quiz Games : Musical Terms I

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