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Music Trivia & Quiz Games : Musical Terms III

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  • cadence
    - Cadence is a sequence of notes ending a section of music.

  • cadenza
    - Cadenza is an elaborate passage in a concerto or aria that featues the skills of a solo vocalist or instrumentalist.

  • cantata
    - Cantata is a composition written for chorus and orchestra, which is often religious in nature.

  • clef
    - Clef is a symbol at the beginning of the stave (or staff) in sheet music showing the pitch of notes in that particular stave.

  • coda
    - Coda is the final part of a movement or musical composition.

  • counterpoint
    - Counterpoint (or Polyphony) is a technique of combining two or three melodic lines and playing them simultaneously.

  • leitmotif
    - Leitmotif or Leitmotiv is a recurrent theme given to a particular idea or main character in a musical work.

  • natural
    - Natural is a sign in sheet music to return a (diminished or augmented) note to its original pitch.

  • nocturne
    - Nocturne is a short piece of music, which often has a romantic character with nocturnal dreamy associations.

  • rococo
    - Rococo refers to a musical style in 18th-century Europe characterized as excessive, ornate and old-fashioned.

  • rondo
    - Rondo is a piece of music where the principal theme is repeated many times.

  • scherzo
    - Scherzo is a sprightly movement or lively piece of music. It often refers to a fast movement in triple time pertaining to the sonata form.

  • septet
    - Septet is a musical composition for a set of seven musicians (instruments or voices).

  • sextet
    - Sextet is a musical composition for a set of six musicians (instruments or voices).

  • slur
    - Slur is denoted by a curved line and refers to two or more notes are to be executed in a smooth connected way without a break.

  • syncopation
    - Syncopation is the rhythmic result produced by replacing a regularly accented beat by an unaccented beat and vice versa.

  • vibrato
    - Vibrato is the slight fluctuation in the pitch of a note by rapidly alternating between notes.

Try the Quiz : Music Trivia & Quiz Games : Musical Terms III

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