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FIFA World Cup of Football : Spain Players - Squad 2006


Quiz Game on the 2006 World Cup squad for Spain

Head Coach: Luis Aragonés

Name Position No. Date of Birth Club
Íker Casillas (full name: Íker Casillas Fernández) Goalkeeper 1 05/20/1981 Real Madrid
Míchel Salgado (real name: Miguel Ángel Salgado Fernández) Defender 2 10/22/1975 Real Madrid
Mariano Pernía (full name: Mariano Andrés Pernía) Defender 3 05/04/1977 Getafe
Carlos Marchena (full name: Carlos Marchena López) Defender 4 07/31/1979 Valencia
Carles Puyol (full name: Carles Puyol Saforcada) Defender 5 04/13/1978 Barcelona
David Albelda (full name: David Albelda Aliques) Midfielder 6 09/01/1977 Valencia
Raúl (full name: Raúl González Blanco) Striker 7 06/27/1977 Real Madrid
Xavi (real name: Xavier Hernández Creus) Midfielder 8 01/25/1980 Barcelona
Fernando Torres (full name: Fernando José Torres) Striker 9 03/20/1984 Atletico Madrid
José Antonio Reyes (full name: José Antonio Reyes Calderón) Striker 10 09/01/1983 Arsenal
Luis García (full name: Luis Javier García Sanz) Midfielder 11 06/24/1978 Liverpool
Antonio López (full name: Antonio López Guerrero) Defender 12 09/13/1981 Atletico Madrid
Andres Iniesta (full name: Andrés Iniesta Luján) Midfielder 13 05/11/1984 Barcelona
Xabi Alonso (full name: Xabier Alonso Olano) Midfielder 14 11/25/1981 Liverpool
Sergio Ramos (full name: Sergio Ramos García) Defender 15 03/30/1986 Real Madrid
Marcos Senna (full name: Marcos Antonio Senna da Silva) Midfielder 16 07/17/1976 Villarreal
Joaquin (full name: Joaquín Sánchez Rodríguez) Midfielder 17 07/21/1981 Real Betis
Cesc Fàbregas (full name: Francesc Fabregas Soler) Midfielder 18 05/04/1987 Arsenal
Santiago Cañizares (full name: José Santiago Cañizares Ruiz) Goalkeeper 19 12/18/1969 Valencia
Juanito (real name: Juan Gutiérrez Moreno) Defender 20 07/23/1976 Real Betis
David Villa (full name: David Villa Sánchez) Striker 21 12/03/1981 Valencia
Pablo Ibáñez (full name: Pablo Ibáñez Tébar) Defender 22 08/03/1981 Atletico Madrid
Pepe Reina (real name: José Manuel Reina Páez) Goalkeeper 23 08/31/1982 Liverpool

Quiz Game on the 2006 World Cup squad for Spain

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