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Quiz on Summer Olympic Games - Marathon Events Olympics

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Who was the inspiration behind the idea of the Marathon race?Pheidippides
In which year was the first Olympic Marathon race (from Marathon Bridge to the stadium in Athens) held?1896
What is the standardized race distance of the modern Olympic Marathon race?26 miles and 385 yards
Who was the winner of the first Marathon race in the 1896 Athens Olympics?Spiridon Louis
Who was the first runner to win the gold medal in two successive Marathon events?Abebe Bikila
Who won the Marathon race in the 2004 Athens Olympics?Stefano Baldini
Name the first Australian runner to win a medal at Olympic Marathon.Lisa Martin
Who won the Men's Marathon at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games in?Gelindo Bordin
Who was the first woman to win a Marathon race in the Olympic games ?Joan Benoit
Name the first Asian runner to win a Marathon race in the Olympic games.Kee-Chung Sohn
Name the first Asian woman athlete to win a Marathon race at the Olympic games.Naoko Takahashi
Name the athlete who won the Marathon race consecutively at the 1976 and 1980 Olympic Games.Waldemar Cierpinski
Name the marathoner who managed to win the bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, even after his lead position in the race was interrupted by a protester ?Vanderlei de Lima
In which year was the race distance for Marathon events in the modern Olympic games standardized ?1924
Since when is the Women's Marathon race held in Olympic games ?1984 Los Angeles Olympics

Try the Quiz : Olympic Games : Marathon events in Olympic Games

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