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GRE AWM Issue Topic 1 :

GRE AWM    "Present Your Perspective on an Issue" Task 


Use the points and examples below to write your own essay.
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Issue Topic 1. We can normally learn more from like-minded persons than from those who have contradictory viewpoints; conflict can prevent learning and lead to tension.

Points FOR (in favour of) topic:


For Point 1.1. Interaction amongst like-minded persons generates positivity giving rise to a cheerful disposition of the minds. This provides a conducive environment for thinking in the right direction and results in the making of correct decisions.


Example 1.1a) The growth of a child demands a positive and cheerful environment around him/her. A similarity in focus of the parents helps toward this end.


For Point 1.2. Conflict gives rise to a tense state of mind generating negativity. This in turn takes up a lot of mental energy in the wrong direction thus affecting the decision-making process adversely.


Example 1.2a) Financial losses of any kind cannot be handled in a tense state of mind.


For Point 1.3. Like-minded people coming together for a social / charitable cause certainly benefits society in general and individuals in particular, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the nation.


Example 1.3a) Charitable trusts for educational purposes would be able to provide education free of cost to the underprivileged.


For Point 1.4. Similar thinking in a group of people handling projects aids in achieving targets and striving for for higher goals each time. This in turn helps boost the overall economic scenario.


Example 1.4a) The sales group of a company may work out ways together to boost the sales and achieve the targets to make the company a profitable one.


Points AGAINST (not in favour of) topic:

AGAINST Point 1.1. Similarity in thinking does not bring in any new knowledge. Instead, it leads to conformity which may sometimes prove detrimental. One must consider all related aspects, whether in favor or in opposition.


Example 1.1a) Political decisions: Any proposal put forth is accepted only after successfully passing through lengthy debates in parliament. Such discussions aid in evaluating the proposal from various standpoints.


Example 1.1b) Corporate decisions: A faulty plan might be approved if everyone examines it from the same viewpoint. The merits and demerits of a project need to be evaluated from all point of views.


AGAINST Point 1.2. Contradictions reveal shortcomings and without addressing them, a theory cannot be validated. Eliminating deficiencies helps in improving the quality of knowledge.


Example 1.2a) Scientific research: A hypothesis is validated only after the researcher is able to prove all the cases.

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