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GRE AWM Issue Topic 2 :

GRE AWM    "Present Your Perspective on an Issue" Task 


Use the points and examples below to write your own essay.
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Issue Topic 2. Competition in the long run is healthier than harmful for the community.

Points FOR (in favour of) topic:

For Point 2.1. Healthy competition is a symbol of a flourishing society. It provides a fair and equal opportunity to all the players in the market.


Example 2.1a) Competition in business greatly benefits consumers. It provides customers with reasonable prices, better quality and greater variety. Further, it maintains demand-supply parity.


Example 2.1b) Competition in education leads to improvement in the quality of students and enhances their performance. Moreover, it helps evolve superior teachers, teaching methodologies and educational institutions.


Example 2.1c) Competition in an office generates increased efficiency, merit-based promotions and higher profits for the organization.


Example 2.1d) Competition in the field of sports produces quality players.


Points AGAINST (not in favour of) topic:


AGAINST Point 1.1. Competition, once it reaches saturation levels, becomes unhealthy leading to poor quality of products and fraudulent practices.


Example 1.1a) In a competition to offer cheapest possible prices, there is a desperation to cut costs on the products. Therefore the raw materials used are either of a poor quality or are smuggled in without proper payment of taxes.


Against Point 1.2. Bulk production of consumer products is often cost-effective. It can lead to high losses when that particular product gets outdated by another new or superior one in the markets.


Example 1.2a) A recent happening wherein floppy disks got outdated by compact disks.


AGAINST Point 1.3. Competition leads all thoughts to one direction leaving no room for research, innovation and creativity.


Example 1.3a) School examinations imply getting the highest marks possible. This causes memorizing of learning material without proper understanding and curiosity. Thus leaving little or no space for new thinking or creativity.


Example 1.3b) In a corporate scenario promotions and higher salaries become a focus and not a result of innovation and creation.

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