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GRE AWM Issue Topic 3 :

GRE AWM    "Present Your Perspective on an Issue" Task 


Use the points and examples below to write your own essay.
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Issue Topic 3. Current problems facing the society deserve high priority for funding compared to research on likely future issues.

Points FOR (in favour of) topic:


For Point 3.1. Problems need to be addressed depending upon their nature and requirement. Problems related to basic life necessities like food, shelter and poverty typically require immediate attention.


Example 3.1a) Presently, proper funding has to be ensured towards eradicating the root causes of poverty namely lack of food and shelter. Heavy subsidies in food and free allocation of houses for the homeless would ensure them a basic level of living.


For Point 3.2. Money has to be spent in creating awareness of good health, awareness being the first step for correction. Healthcare needs to be made more and more affordable to the poorer sections of society.


Example 3.2a) People have to be educated about the causes and prevention of dreaded diseases like Cancer and Aids. One of the root causes for the spreading of these diseases is unaffordibility of basic detection costs and the treatment thereafter.


For Point 3.3. Education brings about a positive shift in the thinking of mankind. Education therefore must become mandatory to each and every citizen of a country. Naturally, the call of the day would have to be free education for the underprivileged.


Example 3.3a) Current allocation of funds on education would lead to people acquiring better qualifications and superior knowledge. This in turn would result in their finding better jobs, thus eradicating poverty and reducing crime rates in the long run.


Points AGAINST (not in favour of) topic:


AGAINST Point 3.1. It is not necessarily possible to classify problems as current and long-term.


Example 3.1a) Diseases such as cancer and aids are prevalent currently and require immediate attention. There is no cure presently available and it demands allocation of substantial money to look for a solution. Even if the solution is not discovered soon, the cure if and when discovered through long-term research would be a worthwhile investment for the future of mankind.


Against Point 3.2. The money invested today for research in the field of technology could well be the cause of a better tomorrow.


Example 3.2a) The invention of cell phones has made it all the more easier to access a person anytime anywhere in the world. Emergency situations have benefitted greatly from this invention.

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