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IIT JEE 2006 Paper : MATHEMATICS Section III - Comprehension Passage 1

Each comprehension passage contains 3 questions.
Each question below has only one correct answer.
In the IIT-JEE, you will be awarded 5 marks for each correct answer and −2 for each incorrect answer.
You will be awarded 0 marks for not attempting a question.

Let ABCD be a square of side of length 2 units. C1 is the circle touching all the sides of the square ABCD, while C2 is the circle passing through all the vertices of the square.

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A circle Z touches a line L (passing through point A) and the circle C1 externally such that both C1 and the circle Z are on the same side of the line L, then the locus of the centre of the circle is

  a hyperbola

  an elipse

  a parabola

  a straight line

  Half-n-half Clue

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