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IIT JEE 2006 Paper : PHYSICS Section V - Matching Questions

Each question contains 4 entries in Column I namely A, B, C and D which are to be matched with all the correct entries in Column II namely p, q, r and s. One entry in Column I may match with one or more than one entry in Column II. You will be awarded 6 marks if all the 4 entries in column I have been correctly and completely matched. You will be awarded 0 marks in all other cases.
For example, if the correct matching is :     (A) to (q),   (B) to (p) (s),   (C) to (r),   (D) to (p) (r) (s)  
then simply type in the input box :               q,ps,r,prs
Your input should not contain any blank spaces; the matching entries for (A),(B),(C) and (D) should be lower case letters in alphabetical order separated only by commas.

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iit_jee_2006_physics_matching_questions_1a.jpg Pressure P versus volumeV plot for an ideal gas undergoing a cyclic process is given. The sign convention is such that work W done by the gas is taken to be positive and the heat Q given to the gas is also taken to be positive. Match the entries in the Column I with those in Column II.

Column IColumn II
(A) For process J-K (p) W > 0
(B) For process K-L (q) W < 0
(C) For process L-M (r) Q > 0
(D) For process M-J (s) Q < 0


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