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IIT JEE 2006 Paper : PHYSICS Section II - Multiple Answers

Each question has one or more than one correct choice among (a), (b), (c) and (d). Write down all the correct choices in alphabetical order without any spaces in between.
For example, if the correct choices are (a), (b) and (d) then simply write in the input box provided:
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iit_jee_2006_physics_multiple_answers_4a A current i2 flows through a closed loop ABCD. A wire carrying a current i1 is kept perpendicular to the plane of the loop as shown in the figure. The direction of i1 is such that it is coming out of the plane of the figure. Then,

(a) the net force on the loop is zero.
(b) the net torque on the loop is zero.
(c) the loop will rotate clockwise about the axis OO' as seen from point O.
(d) the loop will rotate anticlockwise about the axis OO' as seen from point O.


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