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IIT JEE 2006 Paper : PHYSICS Section II - Multiple Answers

Each question has one or more than one correct choice among (a), (b), (c) and (d). Write down all the correct choices in alphabetical order without any spaces in between.
For example, if the correct choices are (a), (b) and (d) then simply write in the input box provided:
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iit_jee_2006_physics_multiple_answers_3a A small spherical ball is released from point A on a vertical semicircular track. It goes down to point B and climbs up to point C subsequently. The portion AB is rough enough to cause rolling without slipping of the sphere while the portion BC is frictionless. If Ka, Kb and Kc are respectively the kinetic energies of the ball at A, B and C, while ha and hc are respectively heights of points A and C from the level of B, then

(a) ha > hc and Kc > Ka .
(b) ha < hc and Kb > Kc .
(c) ha = hc and Ka = Kc .
(d) ha > hc and Kb > Kc.


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