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IIT JEE 2007 Practice : PHYSICS - Matching Questions

Each question contains 4 entries in Column I namely A, B, C and D which are to be matched with all the correct entries in Column II namely p, q, r and s. One entry in Column I may match with one or more than one entry in Column II. You will be awarded 6 marks if all the 4 entries in column I have been correctly and completely matched. You will be awarded 0 marks in all other cases.
For example, if the correct matching is :     (A) to (q),   (B) to (p) (s),   (C) to (r),   (D) to (p) (r) (s)  
then simply type in the input box :               q,ps,r,prs
Your input should not contain any blank spaces; the matching entries for (A),(B),(C) and (D) should be lower case letters in alphabetical order separated only by commas.

Quiz Review
Fill in the blanks

Your Performance  

A particle of mass m = 2 kg is projected with an initial speed of u = 10 ms −1
at an angle θ = 30° to the horizontal. Take g = 10 ms −2.
Match the entries in Column I with their numerical values given in SI units in Column II.

Column IColumn II
(A) The magnitude of the work done on the particle during the
first half of the total time of flight of the particle is
(p) 50
(B) The magnitude of the angular momentum of the particle about the
point of projection half a second after the particle was projected is
(q) 25
(C) The magnitude of the average power delivered to the particle
during the first half of the flight is
(r) (100√3 / 8)
(D) The radius of curvature of the trajectory of the particle
at the highest point of the projectile is
(s) 2.5


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