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IIT JEE 2007 Practice : PHYSICS - Multiple Choice

Each question below has only one correct answer.
In the IIT-JEE, you will be awarded 3 marks for each correct answer and −1 for each incorrect answer.
You will be awarded 0 marks for not attempting a question.
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iit_jee_2006_physics_2a Two blocks A and B of mass 3m and 2m respectively, are connected by a massless, inextensible string. They are suspended by a massless spring as shown in the figure. The system is initially in equilibrium and at rest. The string connecting the blocks is now suddenly cut. Immediately after the string is cut, the accelerations of the blocks A and B are respectively

  2g/3 upwards and g downwards

  g/2 upwards and g/2 downwards

  g upwards and g/2 downwards

  2g/3 downwards and g downwards

  Half-n-half Clue

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