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IQ Tests in Logical Thinking : Anagrams of Animals I

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Unscramble each word below to form an animal name.

1. Act
Answer: Cat

2. Balm
Answer: Lamb
Balm : ointment with soothing or healing effect

3. Bare
Answer: Bear

4. Braze
Answer: Zebra
Braze : solder with brass alloy
Zebra : horse-like animal with black and white stripes found in Africa

5. Flow
Answer: Wolf, Fowl

6. God
Answer: Dog

7. Hear
Answer: Hare

8. Loin
Answer: Lion
Loin : back of body between hip-bone and ribs

9. Low
Answer: Owl

10. Pea
Answer: Ape

11. Reed
Answer: Deer
Reed : water plant with straight stalk

12. Shore
Answer: Horse

13. Sawn
Answer: Swan
Sawn : cut with to-and-fro movement of saw
Swan : large water bird that is usually white in color

14. Tar
Answer: Rat

15. Toga
Answer: Goat
Toga : dress covering whole person except head and right arm
Goat : animal with horns that gives milk

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