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IQ Tests in Logical Thinking : Anagrams of Animals III

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Unscramble each word below to form an animal name.

1. Bastes
Answer: Basset
Bastes : moistens with fat during roasting of meat
Basset : short-legged dog

2. Crumble
Answer: Clumber
Clumber : breed of dog like spaniel

3. Chained
Answer: Echidna
Echidna : prickly sea animal

4. Tang
Answer: Gnat
Tang : strong smell or taste
Gnat : small fly that bites

5. Rath
Answer: Hart, Thar
Hart : male deer
Thar : goat-like antelope found in Nepal region

6. Emanate
Answer: Manatee
Emanate : issue from a source ; originate
Manatee : sea cow

7. Orange
Answer: Onager
Onager : wild ass

8. Pelter
Answer: Petrel
Petrel : small sea bird

9. Protein
Answer: Pointer
Pointer : breed of dog trained to point toward game it scents

10. Ushers
Answer: Rhesus
Ushers : escorts ; leads
Rhesus : small monkey

11. Trailing
Answer: Ringtail
Ringtail : kind of hawk or eagle

12. Bales
Answer: Sable
Bales : large bound bundles of cotton, straw, etc.
Sable : small beast with dark fur

13. Someday
Answer: Samoyed
Samoyed : sledge-dog of light color found in Arctic region

14. Street
Answer: Setter
Setter : long-haired dog trained to set

15. Terse
Answer: Steer
Terse : brief ; concise
Steer : male ox ; young bull kept for beef

16. Love
Answer: Vole
Vole : small rodent like rat

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