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Logical Thinking IQ Test : Word Sequences

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  • amble, walk , jog, run
    - Here actions are arranged according to speed from slow to fast. Walk is faster than amble and slower than jog.Crawl and creep are too slow whereas sprint is too fast.

  • rocket, plane, train , bicycle
    - Here vehicles are arranged according to speed from fast to slow. A train is faster than a bicycle and slower than a plane. Cart and tricycle are too slow whereas a spacecraft is too fast.

  • day, fortnight , month, year
    - Here time periods are arranged according to durationfrom short periods to long ones. A fortnight is fifteen days and therefore it naturally comes between day and month. Decade (10 years) and century (100 years) are too long whereas hour is too short.

  • building, town, state, country
    - Here places are arranged according to size from small to big. A state is bigger than a town and smaller than a country. Continent and planet are too big whereas apartment is too small.

  • Earth, Jupiter, Uranus , Pluto
    - Here planets are arranged according to the distance from the Sun. Uranus lies between Jupiter and Pluto.Mercury, Venus and Mars are closer to the Sun than Jupiter.

  • bat, sheep, horse , elephant
    - Here mammals are arranged according to size from small to big. A horse is bigger than a sheep and smaller than an elephant. A squirrel and a rat are too small and a blue whale is too big. In fact, the blue whale is the largest mammal.

  • point, segment, ray , line
    - Here geometrical terms are arranged according to length.A ray lies between a segment and line. A ray extends indefinitely in one direction whereas a line extends indefinitely in both directions. A segment has a definite length. Here, dot, dash and arc are clearly irrelevant options.

  • egg, larva , pupa, butterfly
    - Here a life cycle is given according to stages from the initial stage to the adult stage. Larva is the stage between the egg and the pupa. Spawn is the term for fish eggs or frog's eggs. Cocoon is the covering in the pupa stage. Tadpole is an intermediate stage in the life cycle of a frog.

  • North Pole, Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer , Equator
    - Here latitudes are arranged from the North Pole to the Equator. Tropic of Cancer lies between the Arctic Circleand the Equator.

  • triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon
    - Here polygons are arranged according to the number of sides. A triangle has 3 sides, a square / rectangle has 4 sides, a pentagon has 5 sides, a hexagon has 6 sides, a heptagon has 7 sides, and an octagon has 8 sides.

  • heel, knee, chest, neck
    - Here body parts are arranged according to the position from the foot upwards. Only the neck lies above the chest.

  • word, sentence, paragraph , chapter
    - Here terms used for text matter are arranged according to size in terms of words. Paragraph lies between sentence and chapter. A book consists of many chapters. A line (could be shorter or longer than a sentence) and an index are inappropriate options.

  • millimeter, centimeter , decimeter, meter
    - Here terms used for the measurement of length in the metric system are arranged according to increasing order of size. Centimeter lies between millimeter and decimeter. A millimeter is one-thousandth of a meter. A centimeter is one-hundredth of a meter and a decimeter is one-tenth of a meter.

  • byte, kilobyte , megabyte, gigabyte
    - Here terms used for the measurement of computer memory space are arranged according to increasing order of size. Kilobyte lies between byte and megabyte. A kilobyte is 1000 bytes. A megabyte is 1000 kilobytes and a gigabyte is 1000 megabytes.

  • April, June , September, November
    - Here months with 30 days are arranged starting with April and ending with November. June lies between April and September. May, July and August have 31 days.

  • millisecond, second, minute , hour
    - Here terms used for the measurement of time are arranged in an increasing order. Minute lies between second and hour. A millisecond is one-thousandth of a second. A minute has sixty seconds and an hour has sixty minutes.

Try the Quiz : IQ Tests : Word Sequences

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