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Kids English Learning Level I : Insert and See

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Complete the word: insert vowel(s) at proper locations.

1. nt
Answer: ant, net, neat, not, nut, note

2. rmy
Answer: army

3. bby
Answer: baby

4. bw
Answer: bow

5. clp
Answer: clap, clip

6. cpy
Answer: copy

7. dwn
Answer: dawn, down

8. dy
Answer: day, dye

9. gg
Answer: egg, gag, gig

10. er
Answer: ear, era

11. fst
Answer: fast, fist, feast

12. fw
Answer: few

13. gm
Answer: gem, gum

14. gn
Answer: gun, gin

15. hlf
Answer: half

16. hrt
Answer: hart, hurt

17. nch
Answer: inch, niche

18. nk
Answer: ink

19. jm
Answer: jam

20. jy
Answer: jay, joy

21. kng
Answer: king

22. knt
Answer: knit, knot

23. lmb
Answer: lamb, limb

24. lw
Answer: law, low

25. mll
Answer: mill, mull

26. msk
Answer: mask, musk

27. mnd
Answer: mend, mind, mound, amend

28. nck
Answer: neck, nick

29. nws
Answer: news

30. ded
Answer: dead, died

31. nly
Answer: only

32. py
Answer: pay

33. pty
Answer: pity

34. rw
Answer: raw, row

35. ry
Answer: ray, rye, airy

36. sw
Answer: saw, sew, sow

37. shw
Answer: show, shew

38. sty
Answer: stay

39. tnt
Answer: tent, tint, taint, taunt

40. tny
Answer: tiny

41. gly
Answer: ugly

42. wlk
Answer: walk

43. wsh
Answer: wash, wish, awash

44. wx
Answer: wax

45. wst
Answer: west

46. wng
Answer: wing

47. ywn
Answer: yawn

48. ylp
Answer: yelp

49. ylk
Answer: yolk

50. zl
Answer: zeal

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