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Kids English Learning Level II : Just One Word

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Input just one word to fit the following descriptions.

1. masculine of actress
Answer: actor

2. parent's sister
Answer: aunt

3. person who makes bread and cakes
Answer: baker

4. group of people who play music together
Answer: band

5. female of a dog
Answer: bitch

6. man who fights with gloves, for sport
Answer: boxer

7. woman about to be, or just married
Answer: bride

8. head cook
Answer: chef

9. head of group or tribe
Answer: chief

10. one who makes people laugh at a circus
Answer: clown

11. set of people who work on ship or plane
Answer: crew

12. large number of people
Answer: crowd

13. happening every day
Answer: daily

14. place for dealing with milk
Answer: dairy

15. evil being causing bad things
Answer: devil

16. book with daily record of events
Answer: diary

17. person who goes into deep water
Answer: diver

18. male or non-worker bee
Answer: drone

19. feminine of drake
Answer: duck

20. repetition of sound by reflection
Answer: echo

21. small person with wings in stories
Answer: fairy

22. masculine of ladies
Answer: gents

23. very large strong man in stories
Answer: giant

24. feminine of gander
Answer: goose

25. visitor to someone's house
Answer: guest

26. person who gets wealth when someone dies
Answer: heir

27. masculine of hostess
Answer: host

28. pen for tame rabbits
Answer: hutch

29. silly or stupid person
Answer: idiot, fool

30. person who decides winner of contest
Answer: judge

31. someone who loses
Answer: loser

32. polite way of addressing a woman
Answer: madam, lady

33. an officer in the army
Answer: major

34. worker in stone
Answer: mason

35. head of town corporation
Answer: mayor

36. person who digs out gold or coal
Answer: miner

37. masculine of nun
Answer: monk, friar

38. feminine of nephew
Answer: niece

39. person who looks after sick people
Answer: nurse

40. fertile spot in desert
Answer: oasis

41. man-eating giant
Answer: ogre

42. young owl
Answer: owlet

43. person who flies an aeroplane
Answer: pilot

44. feminine of king
Answer: queen

45. long narrow straps to control horse
Answer: reins

46. person who rides animals
Answer: rider

47. person who lives a religious life
Answer: saint

48. group of people working at an office
Answer: staff

49. person who steals
Answer: thief

50. masculine of tigress
Answer: tiger

51. person who teaches one pupil
Answer: tutor

52. husband of one's aunt
Answer: uncle

53. female fox
Answer: vixen

54. woman to whom a man is married
Answer: wife

55. wicked woman having magical powers
Answer: witch

56. feminine of man
Answer: woman

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