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Kids English Learning Level II : Insert and See

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Complete the word: insert vowel(s) at proper locations.

1. ctr
Answer: actor, cater

2. ppl
Answer: apple, pupil

3. bdg
Answer: badge, budge

4. clck
Answer: clack, clock, click, cluck

5. crft
Answer: craft, croft

6. dzn
Answer: dozen

7. drwn
Answer: drawn, drown

8. ffct
Answer: affect, effect

9. qul
Answer: equal, quail

10. fnny
Answer: funny

11. flsh
Answer: flash, flesh, flush

12. grc
Answer: grace

13. glss
Answer: glass, gloss

14. hppy
Answer: happy

15. hyn
Answer: hyena

16. ndx
Answer: index

17. jwl
Answer: jewel

18. jdg
Answer: judge

19. jcy
Answer: juicy

20. knf
Answer: knife

21. knck
Answer: knack, knock

22. lbl
Answer: label, libel

23. ldg
Answer: ledge, lodge

24. mdl
Answer: medal, model, modal

25. msc
Answer: music, mosaic

26. ngh
Answer: neigh, enough, nigh

27. nbl
Answer: noble, enable

28. ftn
Answer: often

29. wnr
Answer: owner

30. pnc
Answer: panic

31. ptl
Answer: petal

32. qck
Answer: quack, quick

33. qry
Answer: query

34. rzr
Answer: razor

35. rply
Answer: reply

36. snt
Answer: sent, saint

37. spd
Answer: speed, sped, spade, spied

38. thrn
Answer: thorn, throne

39. trst
Answer: trust

40. ncl
Answer: uncle

41. ndr
Answer: under, nadir

42. vlv
Answer: valve, evolve

43. vrs
Answer: verse, virus, averse

44. vxn
Answer: vixen

45. wgn
Answer: wagon

46. wrry
Answer: worry

47. wrck
Answer: wreck, wrack

48. wrng
Answer: wrong, wring, wrung

49. ycht
Answer: yacht

50. yng
Answer: young

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