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Kids English Learning Level II : Seek and See

Formats Info Page Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Seek the hidden word by filling in the dashes.

1. _ct
Answer: act

2. _rm
Answer: arm

3. ar_y
Answer: army

4. _xe
Answer: axe

5. b_x
Answer: box

6. b_b_
Answer: baby, babe

7. c_g_
Answer: cage

8. _a_f
Answer: calf, half

9. d_m
Answer: dam, dim

10. d_er
Answer: deer

11. e_r
Answer: ear, err

12. e_d
Answer: end

13. f_ce
Answer: face

14. f_r
Answer: far, fir, for, fur

15. g_m_
Answer: game, gems, gums

16. g_ll
Answer: gall, gill, gull

17. g_n
Answer: gun, gin

18. h_ir
Answer: hair, heir

19. h_ro
Answer: hero

20. i_e
Answer: ice, ire

21. i_k
Answer: ink, irk

22. j_b
Answer: jab, job

23. j_i_
Answer: jail, join

24. k_y
Answer: key

25. k_ee
Answer: knee

26. l_mb
Answer: lamb, limb

27. l_f_
Answer: left, life, lift, loft

28. m_il
Answer: mail

29. _ess
Answer: less, mess, cess

30. n_i_
Answer: nail

31. n_w
Answer: new, now

32. o_k
Answer: oak

33. o_en
Answer: open, oven, omen

34. p_ck
Answer: pack, peck, pick, pock, puck

35. p_ay
Answer: play, pray

36. r_ce
Answer: race, rice

37. r_ot
Answer: root, riot

38. sa_k
Answer: sack, sank

39. s_ed
Answer: shed, seed, sled, sped

40. t_me
Answer: tame, time, tome

41. t_ue
Answer: true

42. u_e
Answer: use

43. u_ly
Answer: ugly

44. v_n
Answer: van

45. v_te
Answer: vote

46. w_n
Answer: win, won

47. w_sh
Answer: wash, wish

48. y_k
Answer: yak

49. y_ar
Answer: year

50. z_om
Answer: zoom

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