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Kids English Learning Level III : Just One Word

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Input just one word to fit the following descriptions.

1. foreigner or stranger
Answer: alien

2. person who goes fishing with rod
Answer: angler

3. place where bees are kept
Answer: apiary

4. person who draws or paints pictures
Answer: artist

5. person who has written a book
Answer: author

6. place where birds are kept
Answer: aviary

7. woman with light-colored hair
Answer: blonde

8. band of people who sing together
Answer: choir

9. pair who is engaged or married
Answer: couple

10. child of one's aunt or uncle
Answer: cousin

11. person who owes money
Answer: debtor

12. person who gives something
Answer: donor

13. masculine of duck
Answer: drake

14. masculine of duchess
Answer: duke

15. stunted or undersized person
Answer: dwarf

16. fit to be eaten
Answer: edible

17. person who is hostile to you
Answer: enemy, foe

18. male goose
Answer: gander

19. person with exceptional intelligence
Answer: genius

20. dead person appearing to the living
Answer: ghost

21. being of superhuman size
Answer: giant

22. person who sells rice, sugar and tea
Answer: grocer

23. person living in solitude
Answer: hermit

24. person who kills animals for food/sport
Answer: hunter

25. baby or young child
Answer: infant

26. person who rides in horse races
Answer: jockey

27. person who decides cases in law court
Answer: judge

28. person pursuing law as a profession
Answer: lawyer

29. person affected by madness or craze
Answer: maniac

30. chief nurse in a hospital
Answer: matron

31. person who belongs to a group or society
Answer: member

32. person good at imitating others
Answer: mimic

33. person who likes to hoard money
Answer: miser

34. person employed by artist to pose
Answer: model

35. person born in a certain place
Answer: native

36. masculine of niece
Answer: nephew

37. daughter of one's sister or brother
Answer: niece

38. person who wanders and has no fixed home
Answer: nomad, vagabond

39. incapable of being seen through
Answer: opaque

40. child without parent(s)
Answer: orphan

41. feminine of peacock
Answer: peahen

42. person on the sea who robs other ships
Answer: pirate

43. person employed to carry burdens
Answer: porter

44. person who conducts religious ceremonies
Answer: priest

45. person being taught
Answer: pupil, student

46. person who competes with another
Answer: rival, competitor

47. person who works on a ship or seaman
Answer: sailor

48. person who stitches clothes
Answer: tailor

49. person who rents house or land
Answer: tenant

50. parent's brother
Answer: uncle

51. person who damages public property
Answer: vandal

52. attendant at table in restaurant
Answer: waiter

53. person who makes cloth
Answer: weaver

54. woman whose husband is dead
Answer: widow

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