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Kids English Learning Level IV : Just One Word

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Input just one word to fit the following descriptions.

1. feminine of actor
Answer: actress

2. person who plans and draws buildings
Answer: architect

3. person who practises severe self-denial
Answer: ascetic

4. person who travels in space
Answer: astronaut

5. person who studies sun, moon and stars
Answer: astronomer

6. sportperson good at running and jumping
Answer: athlete

7. unmarried man
Answer: bachelor

8. person who works with iron
Answer: blacksmith

9. person who sells meat
Answer: butcher

10. person who makes things out of wood
Answer: carpenter

11. person who handles money in a shop
Answer: cashier

12. person who presides over meeting
Answer: chairman

13. person who has defeated all competitors
Answer: champion

14. driver of a motor-car
Answer: chauffeur, motorist

15. person who makes and sells medicines
Answer: chemist, pharmacist

16. person who is not in the armed forces
Answer: civilian

17. person who mends shoes
Answer: cobbler

18. person who buys things from a shop
Answer: customer, purchaser

19. person who rides a bicycle
Answer: cyclist

20. doctor who looks after people's teeth
Answer: dentist

21. very strong and absolute ruler
Answer: dictator

22. person who has ended one's marriage
Answer: divorcee

23. spell of dry weather, wanting rain
Answer: drought

24. feminine of duke
Answer: duchess

25. capable of lasting long
Answer: durable

26. person who settles in another country
Answer: emigrant

27. wife of an emperor
Answer: empress

28. words inscribed on tomb
Answer: epitaph

29. person who sends goods to other country
Answer: exporter

30. person who sells flowers
Answer: florist

31. person who plays the flute
Answer: flutist

32. female god or deity
Answer: goddess

33. person who works with gold
Answer: goldsmith

34. person who sells fruits and vegetables
Answer: greengrocer

35. custodian of child in place of parents
Answer: guardian

36. person who can be easily duped
Answer: gullible

37. killing of a human
Answer: homicide

38. person unable to read or write
Answer: illiterate

39. person skilled in many languages
Answer: linguist

40. female lion
Answer: lioness

41. person who is insane and foolish
Answer: lunatic

42. sick person under medical treatment
Answer: patient

43. lover of one's country
Answer: patriot

44. person walking or traveller on foot
Answer: pedestrian

45. performer on piano
Answer: pianist

46. person who fits and repairs water pipes
Answer: plumber

47. fit for drinking
Answer: potable

48. person who gives religious talk or sermon
Answer: preacher

49. teacher of high rank in a university
Answer: professor

50. person chosen to decide in a game
Answer: referee, umpire

51. person who lives in a place
Answer: resident, inhabitant

52. artist who makes figures from stone/metal
Answer: sculptor

53. person who looks after sheep
Answer: shepherd

54. unmarried woman
Answer: spinster

55. killing oneself
Answer: suicide

56. female tiger
Answer: tigress

57. person who travels for pleasure
Answer: tourist

58. man whose wife is dead
Answer: widower

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