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Fun with Vehicles

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Mr. Smith drove 37 miles in his new car on Tuesday and 14 miles on Thursday.  How many miles did he drive in these two days?
Answer: 51

2. There are 4 trucks and 9 buses in a parking lot. How many vehicles are there in the parking lot?
Answer: 13

3. There are 18 men and 44 women in an aeroplane. How many passengers are there altogether?
Answer: 62

4. Adam is a mechanic. He repaired 6 cabs and 34 cars last month. How many vehicles did he repair altogether?
Answer: 40

5. Mrs. Jackson used 2 gallons of fuel last week. She used 5 gallons this week. How many gallons of fuel were consumed in the two weeks?
Answer: 7

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