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Fun with Toys

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Diane made a necklace for her doll using 30 black beads and 28 green beads. How many beads does the necklace have?
Answer: 58

2. Sarah has two dolls. The first doll costs $ 6 and the second costs $ 9. How many dollars do the two dolls cost?
Answer: 15

3. Mark empties 39 marbles from a small box into a big box that already contains 16 marbles. How many marbles are now there in the big box?
Answer: 55

4. Mark arranges 46 blocks in four stacks. He then arranges 12 blocks in six stacks. How many blocks did he arrange in the ten stacks?
Answer: 58

5. Mark likes toy vehicles. He has 6 cars and 14 cabs. How many toy vehicles does he have?
Answer: 20

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