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Multiply Once More! 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. There are 3 cakes. Each cake is cut into 10 parts. Each part is further cut into 3 pieces. How many cake pieces are there in all?
Answer: 90

2. There are 4 balloons in a bag. There are 4 bags in one box. How many balloons are there in 3 boxes?
Answer: 48

3. Everyday Darren exercises 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. How many minutes does he exercise in 3 days?
Answer: 30

4. A school has 2 dining halls. Each dining hall has7 tables. If there are four children to each table, how many children stay for lunch?
Answer: 56 

5. There are 3 paintings on each of three walls of a room. If an art gallery has 5 such rooms, how many paintings are there in its collection?
Answer: 45

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