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Birthday PartyDivision Activity


Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Ronald invites 2 friends to his birthday party. He distributes 18 balloons equally among them. How many balloons did each friend get?
Answer: 9

2. Mom bought 16 chocolates for the party and distributed them equally among 8 gift pouches. How many chocolates did she place in each pouch?
Answer: 2

3. There are 25 sandwiches to be arranged equally in 5 trays. How many sandwiches will there be in each tray?
Answer: 5

4. Dad has planned 18 total prizes for the party. Each game would have 3 winners. How many games will be played at the party?
Answer: 6

5. Mom places 36 paper plates on the table in 9 rows. How many paper plates are there in each row?
Answer: 4

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