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1. Mom buys 5 train tickets for $10. How many dollars does each ticket cost?
Answer: 2

2. The train ticket to Hanging Gardens costs 4 times more than that to Brown Beach. If the ticket to Hanging Gardens costs $36, how many dollars is the ticket to Brown Beach?
Answer: 9

3. Hanging Gardens is 3 times as far as Brown Beach. If Hanging Gardens is 15 miles from home, how many miles is Brown Beach from home?
Answer: 5

4. There are 16 women in the train. The women are 2 times more than the men. How many men are there in the train?
Answer: 8

5. The parking lot at Hanging Gardens has a capacity for 72 cars. A maximum of 9 cars can be parked in each row. How many rows are there?
Answer: 8

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