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The Thief & His Parrot

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Arthur was involved in 79 thefts last year and 33 thefts this year. His parrot helped him steal 19 diamonds last year and 77 diamonds this year. He rewarded the parrot with an elastic band and some nuts. The parrot stretched the elastic band which was 75 cm long by another 12 cm. The parrot then ate 38 nuts. There are still 164 nuts left in the cage. It cost 388 cents to feed the parrot last month. This month it cost 196 cents more.

1. In two years, how many diamonds did the parrot steal?
Answer: 96

2. In two years, how many thefts was the thief involved in?
Answer: 112

3. How many cents did it cost to feed the parrot for two months?
Answer: 972

4. With how many nuts did the thief reward the parrot?
Answer: 202

5. How many centimetres did the parrot stretch the elastic band to?
Answer: 87

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