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1. A board game contains 38 whitecoins, 15 blue coins, and 52 red coins. How many coins are there in all?
Answer: 105

2. Baker has a small library at home. He has137 books on History, 107 books on Geography, and 183 books on Science. How many books does he have altogether?
Answer: 427

3. Mrs.Buffet delivered 300 letters in November, 276 letters in July, and 207 letters inAugust. How many letters did she deliver in the three months?
Answer: 783

4. For her new kitchen, Mrs Hurt bought a crockery set, a cutlery set and a pressure cooker. Each item cost $ 58 . How many dollars did she spend?
Answer: 174

5. Last month, Jack worked for 162 hours, Greg worked for 142 hours, and Edward worked 31 hours more than Greg. How many hours did they work altogether?
Answer: 477

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