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Fun with Animals 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. Mr. Hickcleaned 13 of the 26 buses. How many are still to be cleaned?
Answer: 13

2. It is possible to accommodate 173 cars in a parking lot. If 92 cars are already parked, how many more cars can fit?
Answer: 81

3. A milk van started with 287 bottles of milk. It delivered 53 bottles. How many bottles are still to be delivered?
Answer: 234

4. Darren has to repair 42 cabs. He has repaired 25. How many more does he have to repair?
Answer: 17

5. There are 196 passengers in a train. If92 people get off at the station, how many passengers are still there in the train?
Answer: 104

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