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Once More! 

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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1. There are 21 cakes. Each cake is cut into 6 parts. Each part is further cut into 2 pieces. How many cake pieces are there in all?
Answer: 252

2. The Professors at the State University drank 171 cups of tea yesterday. They drank 85 cups in the morning and 31 in the afternoon. How many did they drink in the evening?
Answer: 55

3. Ronald has a collection of 167 books. He donated 11 books last year and 28 books this year. How many books does he still have?
Answer: 128

4. A school has 3 dining halls. Each dining hall has21 tables. If there are four children to each table, how many children stay for lunch?
Answer: 252

5. Last month, Jack worked for 193 hours, Greg worked for 148 hours, and Edward worked 39 hours more than Jack. How many hours did they work altogether?
Answer: 573

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