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French Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduisez les mot(s) suivant(s) en Français.

1. beam
Answer: poutre

2. blueprints
Answer: photocalque

3. board, plank
Answer: planche

4. brick
Answer: brique

5. mason, bricklayer
Answer: maçon

6. builder
Answer: constructeur

7. bulldozer
Answer: bulldozer

8. cement
Answer: ciment

9. concrete
Answer: béton

10. crane
Answer: grue

11. helmet, hard hat
Answer: casque

12. ladder
Answer: échelle

13. level
Answer: plan, niveau

14. measure tape
Answer: bande métrique

15. pickax, pickaxe, pick axe
Answer: pioche

16. pulley
Answer: poulie

17. rafter
Answer: chevron

18. scaffolding
Answer: échafaudage

19. shovel
Answer: pelle

20. soldering iron
Answer: fer à souder

21. stone
Answer: pierre

22. wheelbarrow
Answer: brouette

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