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French Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduisez les mot(s) suivant(s) en Français.

1. blue cheese
Answer: fromage bleu

2. butter
Answer: beurre

3. cheese
Answer: fromage

4. condensed milk
Answer: lait condensé

5. cottage cheese
Answer: fromage blanc

6. cream cheese
Answer: fromage fondu

7. curd
Answer: lait caillé

8. egg
Answer: oeuf

9. cream
Answer: crème fraîche

10. low-fat yoghurt
Answer: yaourt écrémé

11. margarine
Answer: margarine

12. milk
Answer: lait

13. milk powder
Answer: lait en poudre

14. Parmesan cheese
Answer: parmesan

15. skim milk, skimmed milk, low-fat milk
Answer: lait écrémé

16. whole milk, full-cream milk
Answer: lait entier

17. yoghurt
Answer: yaourt

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